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Eminem Vs. Lil Wayne: Who's the Better Rapper?

Eminem Vs. Lil Wayne: Who's the Better Rapper?

Two superstars in the rapping fraternity, Eminem and Lil Wayne enjoy a loyal and massive fan following all around the world. But who do you think is better rapper? Well, a comparison between Eminem and Lil Wayne might just settle the issue!
Anup Patwardhan
Did You Know?
Eminem was at his home, taking a nap, when he was announced the winner of the 2003 Oscars for Lose Yourself in the Best Original Song Category. He was not present for the ceremony as he did not think he would win.
The origins of hip hop music lie in the latter half of the 20th century. It originated in South Bronx in New York. DJ Kool Herc is considered as the pioneer of this genre of music. It started as a means of representing the opinion of the African-American community. Rapping done by the DJs and MCs was not restricted to commentary, but used to share personal experiences as well. As time went by, its popularity grew by leaps and bounds, and is one of the most popular music genres in present times.
Eminem and Lil Wayne are two of the most followed rap artists for years now, with both of them having over 18 million followers on twitter. Eminem started his career through the underground battle rap scene in Detroit. Lil Wayne started his rap career in New Orleans, where he was the youngest member of the Cash Money Records label.
Eminem vs. Lil Wayne

Name Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Born October 17, 1972
AKA Slim Shady, M&M
Occupation Rapper, record producer, songwriter, actor
Career Start
 Net Worth $160 Million
Album Sales 45 Million +
Grammy Awards 13
American Music Awards 14
Billboard Music Awards 17
Academy Awards 1
Eminem is of the very few rappers not belonging to African-American community who has left a mark on the hip hop scene. Most of his lyrics have been inspired from personal experiences in his life. He has on more than one occasion used this platform to take potshots and diss about various celebrities and public figures. The list of celebrities mentioned in his songs include Michael Jackson (Just Lose It), Will Smith (The Real Slim Shady), Britney Spears (The Real Slim Shady), Lindsay Lohan (We Made You), along with fellow artists like Cage (Role Model), Canibus (Can I B****), Ja Rule (Hailie's Revenge), besides others. Even politicians and presidents have not been spared from his onslaught. Eminem has dissed through his creations about Bill Clinton (Bad Meets Evil), George Bush (Mosh), and Sara Palin (We Made You). Whatever the case, his songs are always right up there on the charts, and copies of his albums sell in the millions.
Studio Albums Released
Infinite 1996
The Slim Shady LP 1999
The Marshall Mathers LP 2000
The Eminem Show 2002
Encore 2004
Relapse 2009
Recovery 2010
The Marshall Mathers LP 2 2013
Lil Wayne

Name Dwayne Michael Carter, Jr.
Born September 27, 1982
AKA Tunechi, Weezy
Occupation Rapper, songwriter, producer, entrepreneur
Career Start 1994
Net Worth $135 Million
Album Sales 15 Million +
Grammy Awards 4
American Music Awards 0
Billboard Music Awards 4
Academy Awards 0
Lil Wayne was an early bloomer. He began to rap from the age of 8. Before being known by his present stage name of Lil Wayne, he was previously known as Shrimp Daddy and Baby D. He has as well used his creations to diss about those with whom he had a bone of contention. This list includes popular artists like Jay-Z and Kanye West, among others. He had dissed about them at the Pre-Grammy Freestyle. Though, in contrast to Eminem, he has found a fan amongst the presidents. Barack Obama has, on a couple of instances, made mention of Lil Wayne in his speeches. And again, just like Eminem, his songs and albums are a great hit among the masses, and sell millions of copies worldwide.
Studio Albums Released
Tha Block Is Hot 1999
Lights Out 2000
500 Degreez 2002
Tha Carter 2004
Tha Carter II 2005
Like Father, Like Son 2006
Tha Carter III 2008
Rebirth 2010
I Am Not a Human Being 2010
Tha Carter IV 2011
I Am Not a Human Being II 2013
Tha Carter V 2014
Some of the creations of both artists have been freestyle, and the lyrics are improvised. A freestyle of rap comes in handy when creating diss songs, which both these rappers are notoriously famous for. Such a style of rap is also useful in battle rap, which the artists use to brag and diss some more.
Eminem is often considered by many as being the best among the freestyle rap artists. He also has delivered chart-busters on a consistent basis. The topic repository of Eminem compositions is a lot more varied. Also, his compositions have, more often than not, been able to strike a chord with a wide range of audiences. Lil Wayne though has his millions of dedicated fans too. So really a comparison to determine who is better would be subjective and pretty inconclusive. But going by the sheer number of awards and record sales, one would have to agree that Eminem comes out on tops. Nevertheless, as die-hard fans, let's just wait for their future releases, and enjoy more and more of their music in times to come.