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10 Best Country Songs About Rain

10 Best Country Songs About Rain
Rain can be a source of inspiration to many art forms, music being one of them. And if you're crazy about country music, Melodyful gives you a list of country songs about rain, which have managed to express rains in a very unique way!
Melodyful Staff
"Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet."
― Bob Marley
If you're among those who like the rain―like to drench, dance, and sing along―you would certainly like the pitter-patter raindrops to blend with country music. May seem like an odd combination to some. Possessing a raw appeal and beautiful resonance, country music has got its own legions of fans, while rain has been an inspiration for many―poets, painters, and musicians. It also evokes a myriad feelings like love, happiness, cheer, or even in some cases, the dark clouds may harmonize with your darkest feelings, just like Charles Chaplin had stated, "I always like walking in the rain, so no one can see me crying."

The fragrance of moist earth along with the dancing of the leaves due to falling raindrops, these pristine moments can be enhanced by having a zing of country music playing in the background to please your senses. While rain can be expressed in many art forms, here is Buzzle's list of the top 10 country songs about rain which will soak you with some soothing moments. Steal some of these precious moments in your busy day.

While your personal favorites may differ, for music is relative to every individual, here are some, which according to Buzzle, deserve to be among the Top 10 charts. I have also tried to cite my interpretation of the lyrics, though, it might differ from yours.
#1: 'Songs About Rain' by Gary Allan
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
Well this town has closed down way too early
And there's nothin' to do
So I'm drivin' around in circles and I'm thinkin' about you
Today I heard you got a new last name,
Sure didn't know it was gonna hit me this way
And the radio just keeps on playing all these songs about rain

The title says it all. This song contains the titles of many songs about rain, such as 'Rainy night in Georgia', 'Kentucky Rain', etc. This song is about lost love, and how, despite the radio playing these beautiful songs about rain, he just cannot forget her. He has heard of her recent marriage and can't come to terms with that fact. All these songs though may seem soothing and talking about love, it fills his heart with pain in her absence.
Although it may seem a little bit teary and might remind you of past loves, kudos to the writers of the song for weaving the names of other songs perfectly. Melancholic it might be, but like I said above, rain also brings out your deepest pains!
#2: 'Georgia Rain' by Trisha Yearwood
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
The Georgia rain
On the Jasper County clay
Couldn't wash away
What I felt for you that day
Just you and me
Down an old dirt road
Nothin' in our way
Except for the Georgia rain

Belonging to the album, 'Jasper County', this pretty song will remind you of your childhood, especially if you've spent your days in the countryside. She recounts her childhood, as she visits her old town. The rain of her town, and the day she had spent with her love, she intends to say that nothing can wash away her love for him. Though things have changed in her town, her heart says that the Georgia rain still stands witness to that day, when they made love.
With the piano notes in the background, this song is perfect for those revisits to your hometown. It does carry a tinge of sadness, for you will surely miss your good old days if you listen to this song. Yet, I feel you should listen to it if you want to go down memory lane.
#3: 'Let It Rain' by David Nail
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
So let it rain, let it pour, if she don't love me anymore,
Just let it come down on me, let it come down on me,
Every word, let it hurt, even more than I deserve,
Let it come down on me, let it come down on me, let it rain

This sad, weepy song is about the guilt of a man who commits adultery and forgets seven years of his marriage, in the spur of a moment. He is very shameful of this fact, and is sitting at his doorstep after his hurt wife throws him out of the house. Rain is used as a metaphor, all he wants is to sob over his failure to maintain his happy married life and cheating on his much beloved wife for momentary pleasure.
It seems that the man wants to drench in his shame and remind himself of the mistake he has committed, by saying 'let it rain'―let all the anger and despise be showered on him, as he is ready to accept his fault. The only thing he can do for penance is to bear all the things which are a reflection his past actions. This one is a really beautiful and popular song, but recommended only if you like listening to sad numbers.
#4: 'When it Rains' by Eli Young Band
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
When it rains, I don't mind being lonely
I cry right along with the sky
When it rains, I don't pretend to be happy
I don't even have to try

When it rains, some people get down
They're sporting a frown so I fit right in
Yeah, the sun may brighten your day
But if I had my way I'd take the rain

Similar to Chaplin's quote mentioned above, this song seems like a 'euphemism' to me. The protagonist seems to have accepted all the hurt―the girl who has left him―and chooses to ignore all those hypocrites around him. He embraces his loneliness and accepts that when it rains, he does cry, as rains somehow provide an outlet to his emotions.

He feels, when it rains, the bitterness of the world comes out, and the people in their black umbrellas and frowns, somehow seem so usual to him. He does not care about the sunshine, as he has already gulped over the fact that life will have its share of aches and pains.
Of course, this isn't a sad number, it seems little rebellious to me, as the narrator is trying to criticize the hypocrite world, yet, accepting that the world is going to stay this way only.
#5: 'Raining on Sunday' by Keith Urban
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
Pray that it's raining on Sunday
Stormin' like crazy
We'll hide under the covers all afternoon
Baby, whatever comes Monday

Can take care of itself
'Cause we've got better things that we can do
When it's raining on Sunday

This song is for our perky Sunday, the day we all love! The narrator says he wants a breather from his everyday job and prays for rain on Sunday so that he can spend some lazy moments with his lover. He does not care about Monday, and what it holds in store, he simply wants to enjoy the Sunday rain.
A perfect song which will grace your Sundays, plus the rains. A happy song indeed, this number will help you forget your pains, unlike the other weepy rain songs. Like the guy in the song, spend your wonderful Sunday, without any worries. And as he says, Monday can take care of itself. Rejuvenate yourselves, grab a book and a cup of coffee, and enjoy this Sunday Rain!
#6: 'The Thunder Rolls' by Garth Brooks
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
Three thirty in the morning
Not a soul in sight
The city's lookin' like a ghost town
On a moonless summer night
Raindrops on the windshield
There's a storm moving in
He's headin' back from somewhere
That he never should have been
And the thunder rolls
And the thunder rolls

This song is to set 'thunder' in your heart―here thunder is used as a metaphor for the fury in the wife's mind, when her husband does not return home even at three-thirty in the morning. All night she has been awake, praying and hoping that the 'thunder' (weather) has kept him away from home for so long.

Alas, as he reaches home, she rushes to him, and smells the perfume of another woman, and that flash in her eyes in enough to say all. She knows he has cheated on her, and the turmoil has raised a thunder in her soul.
The song also has a third verse, which suggests that she is so hurt that she is thinking of killing him with her pistol, which has been included only in some versions. Well, this song is a thunderous angry song, but blame it on the rains, which evokes all kinds of emotions! The lyricist has done a wonderful job of comparing the flashlights and thunder with the upheaval of a wife's heart.
#7: 'She's My Kind of Rain' by Tim McGraw
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
She's my kind of rain
Like love in a drunken sky
She's confetti falling
Down all night

She sits quietly there
Black water in a jar
Says, "Baby why are you
Trembling like you are?"

Any girl would be happy if her lover sings this song for her. The singer describes his lover/wife in many fashions, and states every time that she is that rain which he loves. This song has used the meaning of 'rain' beautifully, especially, 'drunken sky' is a very interesting personification.
All stanzas have different attributes given to her, and all he hopes is that she stays with him and keeps raining her love on him. A perfect love song to sing, if you want to express your love for her, especially with the pitter-patter of rain as background, I'm sure she will go all gaga over you for this!
#8: 'Bring on the Rain' by Jo Dee Messina
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
I'm not gonna let it get me down
I'm not gonna cry
And I'm not gonna lose any sleep tonight

'Cause, tomorrow's another day
And I'm thirsty anyway
So bring on the rain

Looking for some inspiration and positive feelings? This number will cheer you up after a hard day. Despite having a bad day when everything went wrong, our girl is still looking forward to the next day, for she believes she might have lost a battle, but the war is yet to finish.

Rains can be a great motivator gifted by nature, they infuse lush green life into a mellow, dry environment. Similarly, our girl uses rain to personify the fact that she is thirsty for all the challenges which life has to offer.
The song is a good way to start your day! And every time it rains, you will be reminded to accept all hurdles, and move on further to the next day!
#9: 'Rain is a Good Thing' by Luke Bryan
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey
Whiskey makes my baby feel a little frisky
Back roads are bogging up
My buddies pile up in my truck

This one is a real country song (not that the other ones aren't). As the name suggests, in the countryside rain is considered as a good thing, unlike city people who keep complaining about the rains. A nice perky song, to sing with your friends on a road trip to the country side, I would say!

He describes, how his father welcomes the hovering clouds, since it is too dry, and rain is needed to raise corn. Corn is made into whiskey, and with it, he can have a gala time with his country friends and his love. The whiskey makes her a little playful, and he enjoys all of this, because all these good things are brought by rain in his life, eventually washing away all his worries.
The lyrics will create a vivid picture in your minds, of the countryside, after it rains. Highly recommended if you're in a lively mood and looking for some fun in the rain.
#10: 'Like The Rain ' by Clint Black
Showers of Words (Lyrics)
I never liked the rain until I walked through it with you
Every thunder cloud that came was one more I might not get through
On the darkest day there's always light and now I see it too
But I never liked the rain until I walked through it with you

Got someone who doesn't love rains? An apt song to listen to if you wish to change your perception about rains. Love is unexplained, and can happen anytime, anywhere, with anyone. The singer says he really never liked the rain, until he met her, and walked with her in the rain.

He slowly realizes his folly during the walk, as to how he failed to see the good part of the rains, and with her, he will survive the floods. Along with the rain, he says he is falling for her, and wishes to continue this journey forever.
Highly recommended, if you're a romantic at heart, and the rain (re)kindles feelings of love for you. Perfect song for a romantic rainy walk, I would say.
Like I said before, rain begets the seeds of many emotions, you could tune into the one, which suits your mood―some can lift your spirits, while some can bring tears. Music and rains is such a powerful combination, grab a cup of coffee or a glass of whiskey, bring out your inner feelings with country music. While it is difficult to judge any piece of art, if you have a different list of favorite country songs about rain, kindly enlist them in the comments section below.