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Biography of Enrique Iglesias

Biography of Enrique Iglesias

Enrique has been the most successful singers of the current crop, and his amazing persona combined with stupendous singing skills have turned him into a pop icon for many. Read his biography to get a glimpse into his journey in the music industry.
Kashmira Lad
He sang and the girls swooned. His gorgeous smile won the hearts of millions of girls all over. This dynamic personality created a phenomenon in the music industry, and still is as rocking as ever. Enrique Iglesias is hot property, his songs have always been chartbusters, and his list of female fans is growing by the day. This Spanish singer continues to wow audiences worldwide. If you just can't get enough of him, then read on to get a peek of his journey through this glamorous world.


This hunk celebrates his birthday on the 8th of May. He was born in 1975 in Madrid, Spain. Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler is the third child of Julio Iglesias, who is also a very talented and famous singer. His mother, Isabel Preysler, works as a journalist. His parents divorced in 1978. Although he lived with his mother, she sent him to live with his father for fear he would be kidnapped. His grandfather had been kidnapped unfortunately. Enrique nourished the dream to be a singer secretly, he did not wish his father to know about the same, nor did he want to use his surname. (His father was a prominent singer of his times.) Although he graduated in 1993, he dropped out from the University of Miami to pursue his dream.

First Few Albums

His first album named 'Enrique Iglesias' was released on the 12th of July 1995. This album had a collection of rock ballads, and five singles from this album went straight to the top spot in Latin music. This album was followed by another release titled 'Vivir' in 1997. Three singles from this album occupied the top spots on the Latin charts yet again. The Enrique magic was weaving its way through people who thronged to listen to him live at music concerts. He also found himself being nominated for the category of 'Favorite Latin Artist' at the American Music Awards. By 1998, this star had released his 3rd album, 'Cosas Del Amor'. This was also the year when he won the 'Favorite Latin Artist' despite Ricky Martin having a large fan following in Latin music.

A Star is Born

His hit track, 'Bailamos' got him immense fame and adulation. This track was also used in the movie, 'Wild Wild West' and one could see two different videos being aired, both having stunning visuals and excellent dancers. The original video, which featured him with Latino dancers, struck all the right chords with his fans. 'Rhythm Divine' further helped to secure his position in the music industry. This melodious track was also a hit although the Spanish version fared better. With the success of 'Bailamos', Enrique now already had his long list of loyal fans. The album, 'Enrique', featured all these hit numbers and was released in 1999.

The year 2001 brought more success for this very talented singer. His album, 'Escape' had few singles that reached the top spots in no time. He thus became a household name and young men only wished to emulate this singer. This album is termed to be his most successful album so far. 'Hero', 'Love to See You Cry' and 'Don't Turn Off the Lights' soon turned Enrique into a sensational star.

His next release in 2002 was a Spanish album titled Quizás. This album brought him a 'Latin Grammy Award' for the Best Pop Vocal Album. This was followed by the release of his seventh album titled, '7'.

In 2007, he released yet another album titled, 'Insomniac' and the song 'Do You Know' became an instant hit grabbing the top position. This was followed by many tours where Enrique crooned live before his millions of fans.

He has always been linked with tennis star Anna Kournikova. This pretty damsel featured in his sizzling videos, lending the oomph factor. This couple soon became the most talked about duo due to their rather raunchy videos and public appearances. Although media reports of Enrique 'divorcing' Anna in 2007 were rife, the truth still remains a mystery. This is solely based on a source close to Anna who revealed Enrique was only joking about his 'marriage' and then 'divorce' with the glamorous tennis star. Rumors still claim these two are very much in love.

This Spanish artist still continues to rule the music world even today. I am sure his fans would be waiting for his next albums with great anticipation. Let us hope he continues to enthrall the audiences for many years to come.