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Top 10 Techno Songs

Top 10 Techno Songs
Percussion, energy, and a huge crowd of people ready to go wild. Techno's raw power always keeps you going, and its best will never disappoint. Whether you're looking for a party playlist or collecting tracks as a fan expanding your taste in electronic music, these are the most popular numbers you will come across.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Nightclub in Moscow at party
Techno's direct relation to the latest generation of party-goers and the upgrades in equipment allow the genre to keep changing. It started out in Detroit in the 80s and has now traveled across the whole world.
The beauty of techno is that language, culture, race, and economy are no boundaries to it. You could be in Canada, listening to a fresh track by your favorite Israeli DJ online. The very few boundaries that do exist are the ones that classify techno from other electronic music like EDM and dubstep. All in all, techno is the most raw form of electronic music.
Top 10 Techno Songs of All Time
  1. Xtal - Aphex Twin
  2. Around the World - Daft Punk
  3. The Bells - Jeff Mills
  4. The Robots - Kraftwerk
  5. Papua New Guinea - FSOL
  6. Strobe - Deadmau5
  7. I Can Walk on Water - Basshunter
  8. Sandstorm - Darude
  9. Halycon - Orbital
  10. Spastik - Richie Hawtin

Top Techno and Electronic Music of 2012

Into The Void (Original Mix) - Victor Calderone

Numb - Andy Stott

Life And Death (Continuous Mix) - Kris Wadsworth

Unknown Journey IV - Drexciya

Kindred - Burial

Loneliness 2K13 (Club Mix) - DJ Tomcraft

Radio Carolina (Original Mix) - Phunk Investigation

Where is it Going? - Orbital

Parasite - Hadouken!

We Own the Night - DJ Tiësto

Other Great Electronic Tracks

  • On - Aphex Twin
  • Face It - Sven Väth
  • Beautiful Things - Andain
  • Depraved Girls - Lab Insect
  • Mass Destruction - Faithless
  • In My Dreams - Noemi
  • Me And Madonna - Black Strobe
  • Control (Dub Mix) - Da Freeks
  • Knockout (Original Mix) - Cirez D
  • Timeslot - Techno Citizens
  • Break It Down - DJ Vanzetti
  • Terminator - DJ THO
  • Exploration of Space - Cosmic Gate
  • Beat the Bush - Alter Ego
  • Always Alone - DJ Jakub
  • Something In The Sky - Jeff Mills
  • Free Fall - Karsh Kale
  • Do You Know This One - Tatanka
  • Aurora Theory - Blackhole
  • Nervous Impulses - DDtMM
  • Eternal Emotion - Midi Storm
  • Hizara Dungeon - DJ Bouche
  • Dark Oscillators - Superstar DJ
  • Castle in the Sky - DJ Satomi
  • Arcadia - Gabriel and Dresden
  • Injected with a Poison - Praga Khan
  • Rave the Rhythm - Channel X
  • Listen to the Hiss - DJ Hell

As with any music lists, this one is also subjective and therefore, any additions are welcome. In the end, what you love is always more important than what you dislike, which opens up new possibilities everyday. And that, is what techno is all about.