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Top 78 Songs About Angels

Top 78 Songs About Angels
When all hopes are down and music's high, you hear that line, and it speaks from inside; you know your way, it resurrects your faith, and you know your angel's on its way. This Melodyful article brings to you a list of songs about angels, who help you find your way through it all.
Shruti Bhat
That's Some Feat!
Robbie Williams and Guy Chambers (songwriting collaborator) wrote the song Angels in under 25 minutes!
Songs have become a way of life. They serenade every mood, emotion, and occasion. Songs have a way to enter through your ears and forever make place in your heart, mind, and soul. You can't help but think of some or the other lyric or rhythm during the ups and down of your life. Especially when you are feeling low, and out of the blue, you hear a lyric as if it were tailor-made just for you and your situation. The song works like a guardian angel, showing you the way out of every dark and dreary path, while comforting you along the way.
Even though you doubt the existence of an "angel", you cannot deny the remarkable people/creatures who enter your life just to make it heavenly. Are they any short of being angels? We don't think so! Following is list of songs about angels, and is dedicated to the angels in everyone's lives.
Songs about Angels
Jimi Hendrix
Angel Echoes
Four Tet
Angel Heart
Angel From Montgomery
Susan Tedeschi
Angel of Harlem
Angel of Light
Angel on My Shoulder
Angels of the Silences
Counting Crows
Angel in my Heart
Angel Please
Ra Ra Riot
Angel Sigh
Robbie Williams
Angels and Sailors
The Doors
Angels Cry
Mariah Carey and Ne-Yo
Angel in the Centerfold
J. Geils
Angels in Heaven
Tom Waits Band
Angel's Wings
Anthem of the Angels
Breaking Benjamin
Calling All Angels
The Coors
Earth Angel
The Penguins
Fly to the Angels
Guardian Angel
The Judds
How Do You Talk to An Angel?
The Heights
I'll Never Let You Go (Angel Eyes)
If God Will Send His Angels
Send Me an Angel
Real Life
She Talks To Angels
The Black Crowes
The Waltz of the Angels
Kitty Wells
Like an Angel
Yngwie Malmsteen
Like An Angel Passing Through My Room
Lips of an Angel
Mountain Angel
Dolly Parton
Of Angels and Angles
The Decemberists
On The Backs of Angels
Dream Theater
Send Me An Angel
Send Me an Angel
Real Life
From and Angel to a Devil
Lefty Frizzell
Sweet Black Angel
Rolling Stones
Angels in Waiting
Tammy Cochran
Tears of an Angel
You're My Angel
Country Songs
Angels Among Us
My Special Angel
Bobby Helms
Seven Spanish Angels
Ray Charles with Willie Nelson
Concrete Angel
Martina McBride
I Can See An Angel
Patsy Cline
Touched By An Angel
Buck Owens
Angels Watching Over Me
The Oak Ridge Boys
Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground
Willie Nelson
What If She's An Angel
Tommy Shane Steiner
And The Angels Cried
Alan Jackson/Alison Krauss
Where Angels Hang Around
James Otto
Randy Travis
Kiss an Angel Good Morning
Charley Pride
Jessica Simpson
Angles Fall Sometimes
Josh Turner
Guarding Angels
James Blundell
Talking to My Angel
Montgomery Gentry
Dancing with the Angels
New Grass Revival
Cowboys on Horses With Wings
Hoyt Axton
One Wing In the Fire
Trent Tomlinson
The Wings of Mama's Prayers
Jeff Bates
Angel of the Morning
Merrilee Rush
Paper Angels
Jimmy Wayne
Angels Lullaby
Reba McEntire
Gospel Songs
A Song Holy Angels Cannot Sing
Jimmy Swaggart
Angel Band
Emmylou Harris
Angels Rock Me To Sleep
The Bluegrass Cardinals
Angels Watching Over Me
Angels Watching Over Me
The Oak Ridge Boys
God Sent An Angel
Doyle Lawsonx
The Angel Of Death
Hank Williams
The Angels Rejoiced Last Night
Emmylou Harris
Ten Thousand Angels
Loretta Lynn
When Angels Sing
Rhonda Vincent
There are many more artists whose songs speak of angels, but ironically they work like one too and deliver closure, warmth, happiness, and faith to the listeners.