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Top 10 Electro House Songs Ever

Top 10 Electro House Songs Ever

If you are frequent to clubs, then surely you must have come across electronic house music. Read on to know the best electro house songs of all time.
Tanaya Navalkar
Before you start, just so you know:
  • The tempo of an electro house song is usually 128 - 130 BPM.
  • It is also known as Electro or Dirty House music.

Electro house music, as the name suggests, is a fusion of House and Electronic music. It originated in Chicago in the early 1980s. It is a subgenre that has soared on to become one of the most popular genres today. It continues to penetrate mainstream music. High-pitched electronic leads mixed with good drops and catchy beats is what makes it a favorite among party animals.
Browse through the list below that Melodyful has put up, to know the best electro house tracks that you cannot miss out on.
Top 10 Electro House Songs

"One (Your Name)"
Artist: Swedish House Mafia
Year: 2010

The Swedish House Mafia released their first single track, One (Your Name), which topped the charts and achieved success worldwide. The vocal version features Pharrell Williams. This song grabs your attention as the heavy drop stirs up the emotions within. It is one of the most popular electro house tracks of all time.

Artist: Martin Garrix
Year: 2013

This song got its initial success at the electronic dance music festival, Tomorrowland, and peaked to number one soon enough. It has light beats coupled with some surprising heavy drops. This surely has to be in your playlist.

"One More Time"
Artist: Daft Punk
Year: 2000

It is a song by the Daft Punk duo. It was later included in the album, Discovery, in the year 2001. It peaked at number two in the year 2000. It has heavy vocals and a funky bass undertone. This song is all about celebrating and enjoying yourself.

"Moar Ghosts 'n' Stuff"
Artist: Deadmau5
Year: 2008

This song is from Deadmau5's second album, For Lack of a Better Name. It has a very creepy synth and an evil voiceover. It then drops to a funky synth. You just cannot help but move your feet to this electro house song!

"A Sky Full of Stars" feat. Avicii
Artist: Coldplay
Year: 2014

This song is Coldplay's first dance track from the album, Ghost Stories. It is in line with the synth and heavy sounds, but more danceable. It has a haunted feel, but with lighter vibes. The electronic music in this song makes its presence felt slowly and then expands to a chorus.

"Ready for the Weekend" feat. Ayah Marar
Artist: NERVO, R3hab
Year: 2009

This song features the Jordanian singer, Ayah Marar. It tells us about how people come alive when the weekend is about to start. It was even played at Tomorrowland 2014. The song is lively and upbeat. It wouldn't be wrong to say that it passes off as the weekend anthem.

"Bounce" feat. Kelis
Artist: Calvin Harris
Remixed By: Michael Woods
Year: 2011

This is one of the best electro house songs till now. The remixed version by Michael Woods simply blows your mind away. It starts off with a great beat before breaking into a synth and an electro melody, which gets heavier as the song progresses.

"My Feelings for You"
Artist: Avicii and Sebastien Drums
Year: 2010

Avicii is becoming a popular name in the electro house genre. It is an amazing electro house song with lovely and emotion-driven lyrics. The beats get you moving and create a happy mood.

Artist: Swedish House Mafia Vs. Knife Party
Year: 2011

'Antidote' was created in collaboration by Swedish House Mafia and Knife Party duo. This song is dark, but invigorating. The laughter at the beginning gives out haunted and sinister vibes before the drop. You are taken into an inexorable electro vibe and an adrenaline rush with a bit of edginess. Overall, this song is amazing!

"Turn Up the Speakers" (Original Mix)
Artist: Afrojack and Martin Garrix
Year: 2014

This song definitely turns up the heat and provides the perfect soundtrack. The unceasingly intense synth in this song is the result of the two great Dutch powerhouses coming together. The drop is so 'Martin Garrix' style. So, you know what to do now. Turn up the speakers, buddies!

Well, this was a list of some good electro house songs ever. You can add some of your own to create your own playlist. Enjoy and bounce your way to happiness!
(* Note: The above list is a personal take of the author. The songs are randomly included, and not according to any rankings. We hope that the list will cater to your needs.)