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Tips for Buying Concert Tickets Online

Ever wonder how some people are able to snag the best seats for their favorite concerts? There are a few tricks and tips for buying concert tickets online, and Melodyful has the inside information for you.
Sheetal Mandora
Your odds aren't always good.
Before the general public can purchase concert tickets online, by phone, or in person, the majority of seats are already gone. And you can blame it all on credit card presales, reserved VIP tickets, fan club presales, artists scalping their own tickets, and bot programs.

For an online transaction to purchase concert tickets, you need to go to the website that is selling the tickets, select a specific event date, and click on "Tickets" in order to reach the order form. You select the number of tickets to buy, choose the price range, and search for the tickets. If you're lucky, the site will show you the ticket availability. But more often than not, this is where it all goes downhill. The seats you're looking for are too far apart or the venue is sold out in a matter of minutes. Now what? You submit to the fact that you're not going to be able to attend the concert. And what if you followed a few simple techniques and found a loophole to get the tickets? Is that even possible? Well, only your efforts and dedication can answer this question.
Tips to Get in On the Action
Camping overnight, outside the box office, or waiting in long lines to buy tickets for a concert feels like something we would do decades ago. With the help of technology, we are promised the convenient opportunity to purchase concert tickets online. Let's take a look at some tried and tested methods to score the hottest seats to any concert you wish to attend.
Online presales: your new best friend.
Instead of trying to beat the system, join it. Way, way before the tickets are made available for the general public, you can get your hungry claws on them. How, you may ask? Join the club―fan club, that is. Once you have subscribed to the artist or band's official fan page, you will be notified about the concert dates, venues, and tickets before everyone else. However, please know that there are literally thousands of fans trying this tactic as well.
Apart from the fan clubs, a few credit card companies also sponsor concerts and provide limited seats via presales to holders of particular cards. It may seem an easy technique to get your hands on the tickets before others, but it's not very easy to get a hold of these cards. So, contact your nearest bank, and learn about the terms and conditions.
Tickets do sell out quickly; like in a matter of minutes.
For any concert, hundreds of thousands of fans all across the country (forget city or state) are fighting to buy the tickets. So, you can imagine that the odds aren't quite in your favor. But there is something you can do to go through the transaction quicker. If there is a particular ticket sales website you like to buy tickets from (e.g. Ticketmaster and Live Nation), register your billing information with them. Set up a personal account on the site and avoid having to type in your billing address and other information required to buy tickets. This will save you precious time when you are in the middle of a transaction.
Avoid purchasing tickets late at night.
Even if a website assures you that you can purchase tickets securely during the night, many sites undergo maintenance for a brief moment. Your transactions won't be processed and you would've wasted valuable time on the site.
Opening more than one browser window is not a smart move.
If you're using only one computer or laptop for a transaction, DO NOT open more than one browsing window. It's a common error many people make, thinking they can hold more tickets this way. In fact, what happens is that the tickets you hold in the previous browser will get released and be available to other customers. There is a reason why these sites provide only a select number of tickets per customer or transaction; it's so that more people can get the opportunity to buy tickets. But, if you have to get more tickets, don't use the same laptop for multiple transactions; use more than one device.
Listen to the radio and get sponsored.
Depending on where you live, local radio stations offer presales for various concerts. Most times, you have to call the station in order to get the tickets. However, there are times when they provide free presale codes and passwords. You will either have to go to the station's website or a sponsoring ticket site, and enter the code to avail tickets.
Keep professional ticket brokers and scalpers at bay.
What scalpers do is purchase tickets via multiple credit cards and resell them on various sites at a higher price. Truth be told, there are a few artists and bands who scalp their own tickets, and sell them off to the highest bidders on sites like eBay and Craigslist. You may be able to afford these tickets, but be absolutely sure that you don't get involved in a scam.
Always carry a valid photo ID and the card used to purchase the tickets with you. Many times, certain venues don't issue a physical ticket for the show. This is to ensure that no one can transfer the tickets to someone else.

Let's say, you beat the odds and happen to score some awesome seats, then beware of the service fees. Purchasing these tickets online is tough, and can be possible if you're determined enough to see the fight all the way through. If you really feel that all this work is worth it, then I say "go for it." Follow the tips mentioned in this article, and all the best for your future endeavors.