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How to Get Tickets for Vienna New Year's Concert

How to Get Tickets for Vienna New Year's Concert

'Hot cakes' does not even begin to explain the sale of the Vienna New Year's Concerts tickets. So, if you're dreaming of landing a seat for the 2015 concert, this Melodyful article will tell you precisely how to go about it.
Renuka Savant
Whoa!!! Really!?!
We all know how these concert tickets are put up for sale, about a year in advance. But there are certain Austrian families who pre-register tickets years beforehand, in order to pass them on as something of an inheritance.

I guess you've already got a faint idea of how big a privilege it is to possess a ticket to what is perhaps the most anticipated musical event of the year. It isn't rocket science. It isn't a tug-of-war. The New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic is an event which is classical, traditional, and is appreciated and revered by people all over the world. Only seems fair that the race for the tickets sees a mad rush.
However, all of this happens online, which is the only way you can purchase the passes. If you wish to get your hands on these tickets, you need to register on the website of the Vienna Philharmonic, and put in an application. This application needs to be submitted between January 2 and 23, 2014, to take part in the drawing for tickets to the end of year concerts 2014/15.
Understanding the Booking Process
  • There are three concerts that are conducted by the Vienna Philharmonic―a Preview Performance of the New Year's Concert on December 30, the New Year's Eve Concert on December 31, followed by the New Year's Concert on January 1. Needless to say that a ticket to any of these concerts is a prized catch for anyone.
  • The ticket issue process is fairly transparent, where tickets for the three concerts of the Vienna Philharmonic are drawn by lot, over their website, at the beginning of each year.
  • Interested parties are expected to register on their website to obtain a Wiener Philharmoniker account. You can open this account anytime throughout the year, and it has no bearing on your chances of availing tickets.
  • You will have to register your desire to avail tickets for any or all the three concerts via your account, anytime between January 2 and 23, 2014, to take part in the drawing for tickets to the end of year concerts 2014/15.
  • Every year, the sign-up application is activated for registered users from January 2nd through 23rd in the personal account area of the website.
  • You can only apply once for each of the three concerts. You may only request a maximum of two tickets for the New Year's Concert, whereas the number can be higher for the other two concerts.
  • You can view the drawing status at anytime using your personal account. You will receive a notification via e-mail which confirms your application.
  • Any changes in your application can only be made during the sign-up period, which is between January 2nd and 23rd.
  • You will be informed about the results of the draw in the month of March by e-mail and through your personal account.
Currently, the ticket price ranges are as follows:
  • €30 to €940 for the New Year's Concert
  • €20 to €720 for the New Year's Eve Concert
  • €130 to €380 for the Preview Performance (standing room tickets are not available for this concert)

Remember that the only way to obtain tickets is by participating in the online draw through the Wiener Philharmoniker website. Requests submitted by any other means are not entertained.
So, as the date for registering your applications draws closer, we only hope that you'll strike gold this time around, and make a fabulous start to year 2015!