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Songs about Life

Songs about Life
Life encompasses so many aspects, imagine then the kind of songs about life that we can amass. In this following article, we have tried to touch upon a few aspects of life via songs.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
All that we feel, all that we do and all that we aspire to be―broadly termed as life. Songs about life seems like an apt way to talk about life in its broadest sense, don't you think?
What it signifies, what it means, where it takes us, where it streams―everything. And that is why these songs come your way, because they capture the essence of what life can be, without any frills.
This list features some of the greatest artists and their rendition about life through their songs. We're sure you'll find something that you can totally relate to in this list. Give it a read, won't you?
... About Growing Up
They're almost synonymous, these two concepts of life and growing up. Let's give you a list of songs that deal with this concept in this following section.
When I Grow Up ~ Garbage
When I'm 64 ~ The Beatles
Just Older ~ Bon Jovi
When I Grow Up ~ The Pussycat Dolls
In This Diary ~ The Ataris
16 Going on 17 ~ Sound of Music
Sweet Sixteen ~ Hilary Duff
At Seventeen ~ Janis Ian
Live Like You Were Dying ~ Tim McGraw
Watching Scotty Grow ~ Bobby Goldsboro
I Hope You Dance ~ Lee Ann Womack
It Was a Very Good Year ~ Frank Sinatra
Grow Up ~ Simple Plan
Stay Young ~ Patty Griffin
Baby Girl ~ Sugarland
Seasons in the Sun ~ Westlife
The Night Before Life Goes On ~ Carrie Underwood
Forever Young ~ Rod Stewart
Back When I Was Four ~ Jeffrey Lewis
I'm an Adult Now ~ The Pursuit of Happiness
We've Only Just Begun ~ The Carpenters
Through the Years ~ Kenny Rogers
My Daughter's Growing Up ~ Bill Engvall
Whenever You Remember ~ Carrie Underwood
Remember the Time ~ Michael Jackson
Today ~ The Smashing Pumpkins
I Saw God Today ~ George Strait
Fly Like an Eagle ~ Steve Miller Band
Don't Worry 'bout a Thing ~ SHeDAISY
Time of Your Life ~ Green Day
Photograph ~ Nickelback
My, Oh My ~ The Wreckers
Don't You (Forget About Me) ~ Simple Minds
Unwritten ~ Natasha Bedingfield
These are the Special Times ~ Christina Aguilera
These Are the Days ~ Natalie Merchant
Mr. Blue Sky ~ Electric Light Orchestra
A Place in This World ~ Taylor Swift
I Won't Back Down ~ Tom Petty
Don't Blink ~ Kenny Chesney
We Are the Champions ~ Queen
Remember When ~ Alan Jackson
Only Time ~ Enya
... About Life Being Hard
What would life hold if not for some specks of sorrow and dismay? Where would the need to fight harder for happiness come from, then? Here are a few songs that highlight this issue really well.

Life Fade
~ Hybernoid
Life is Hard ~ John Mellencamp
Somewhere Over the Rainbow ~ Judy Garland
There Must Be More to Life Than This ~ Freddie Mercury
Yesterday ~ The Beatles
It's So Hard to Say Goodbye ~ Boyz II Men
Po' Folks ~ Bill Anderson
Coal Miner's Daughter ~ Loretta Lynn
Again and Again ~ Jewel
No Surprise ~ Daughtry
How Could an Angel Break my Heart ~ Toni Braxton
It's a Hard Life ~ Queen
High Cotton ~ Alabama
Lifeline ~ Papa Roach
Coat Of Many Colors ~ Dolly Parton
Lesson Learned ~ Alicia Keys
Alive ~ Pearl Jam
You Wouldn't Know ~ Hellyeah
Nemo ~ Nightwish
Bad Day ~ Daniel Powter
Runnin' Down a Dream ~ Tom Petty
Don't Say a Word ~ Sonata Arctica
... About Life Changing
Life can change because of so many small and major events―graduations, weddings, heartbreaks, the list is endless. Some songs that commemorate this concept, shall we?

Circle of Life
~ The Lion King
Wheels of Life ~ Gino Vannelli
In My Life ~ The Beatles
The Good Life ~ Pat Benatar
Changes ~ David Bowie
Graduation (Friends Forever) ~ Vitamin C
There Goes My Life ~ Kenny Chesney
100 Years ~ Five For Fighting
Running ~ No Doubt
I'll Remember ~ Madonna
Amazing Grace Sung ~ Judy Collins
My Old Ways ~ Dr. Dog
Smells Like Teen Spirit ~ Nirvana
Ministry ~ N.W.O.
Everybody's Changing ~ Keane
Wind of Change ~ Scorpions
Que Sera Sera ~ Doris Day
... About Life in General
And then there are songs that deal with life in its purest form―simple and unadulterated. Here is a list.

It's My Life
~ Jon Bon Jovi
Life is a Highway ~ Rascal Flatts
What a Wonderful Life ~ Elvis Presley
Life's What You Make It ~ Talk Talk
Life ~ Soundshine
Life Is King ~ Alphaville
Life's a Gas ~ Ramones
The Good Life ~ New Power Generation
Life ~ Reby
Life is Good ~ LFO
Life is Real ~ Queen
The Secret of Life ~ Faith Hill
This is Your Life ~ Switchfoot

So you see? Songs about life there are many and they each deal with unique concepts and get you thinking about what life truly is, and what it can be. Isn't what they are meant to do anyway?