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Music Trivia Questions

Music Trivia Questions

This article lists some good trivia questions and answers regarding music, which can add up to your knowledge of this field.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
There are many questions about several branches of music, which can increase your knowledge about songs, instruments, musicians, artists, etc.
Music Trivia Questions for Kids

Who has been given the tag of 'King Of Pop'?

Which musical instrument has four strings and is played with a bow?

Which musical instrument has black and white keys?

Who is considered as the Greek God of Music?

Which musician wrote Marriage of Figaro?

What is the level and intensity of sound measured in?

What is the meaning of the word 'Piano'?

If a musical tone is lowered using a 'flat', what is it that refers to a higher tone?

'I'll be there for you' is the theme song of which television program?

A musical scale comprises how many notes?

Rap Trivia Questions

Who are the two artists who sang 'Drop It Like It's Hot'?

What is the real name of one of the best rappers - Jay Z?

Who wrote the song 'Hey Ya'?

Which was Eminem's most controversial song?

Who was the artist that 50 Cent had an issue with?

What is the original name of the rapper called Nelly?

Which notable rap artist has got his own video game?

Who composed the song 'The Jump Off'?

Who sang the '8 Mile Road'?

To which hip hop artist the song called 'Yeah' belongs?

Rock Trivia Questions

Which is the most famous song by the Swedish rock band 'Europe'?

Who is the member of the Kiss band, who showed the longest tongue in rock music history?

Who is the most famous left-handed guitarist?

For what reason is there a national holiday in Jamaica on February 6th?

Who was the most notable guitarist of the band called Guns N' Roses?

Who designed and invented the Les Paul electric guitar?

Robert Plant, John Paul Jones, Jimmy Page, and John Bonham were band members of which famous hard rock band?

The band ABBA belonged to which country?

Who wrote the song 'I Would Do Anything for Love'?

Which hard rock band wrote the song 'Is This Love'?

Classical Trivia Questions

Who was the first country music artist, who has a record of selling more than 10 million units of an album?

According to a survey by Billboard, who was rated the largest selling album musician in the 1970s?

What is the name of the studio where 'The Beatles' recorded most of their songs?

Who is well-known for playing drums with only one hand?

Which rock musician tried to bite the head off a bat in a live concert?

Which were two of the most well-known rock operas in the year 1969?

'Hotel California' is the song of which band?

Which music band sang 'Staying Alive'?

Which is the band that was formed in 1962 and is still making music?

Which band wrote the song 'Sweet Child O' Mine'?
These were some of the best questions for classical, rap, rock, and 80s music. Attempting trivia questions is the best way to increase you knowledge about the music industry.