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Greatest Songs of all Time

Greatest Songs of all Time

To be fair, it is kind of hard to say that a song outweighs all other songs from not only its own genre, but from the others as well. So to make the matter simple, I've made a list of the best songs out there in each of the four major modern genres.
Melodyful Staff
Well, a list like this, there is bound to be a fair bit of personal bias and it is quite understandable if a person hasn't heard some songs! So as I dare compile this rather debatable list, I would just like to say that all these songs are the greatest in my opinion and among the ones which I've heard.

Since it is necessary to be fair to all genres and not just the ones I like more, I'll make different lists for the best songs in each genre.

Hip Hop
Here are some of the rap and hip hop songs from what must be the best hip hop albums ever!
  • Fight The Power ~ Public Enemy
  • Rapper's Delight ~ Sugarhill Gang
  • Stan ~ Eminem
  • I Get Around ~ Tupac
  • Gin and Juice ~ Snoop Dogg
  • It Was a Good Day ~ Ice Cube
  • B.O.B. ~ Outkast
  • Someday ~ Flipsyde
  • In Da Club ~ 50 Cent
  • Yeah ~ Usher
Love Songs
So which are the best love songs you will ever hear? Check them out!
  • The Scientist ~ Coldplay
  • I Dare You to Move ~ Switchfoot
  • Heaven ~ Bryan Adams
  • Against All Odds ~ Phil Collins
  • Hero ~ Enrique Iglesias
  • Take My Breath Away ~ Berlin
  • Truly Madly Deeply ~ Savage Garden
  • Love Will Keep Us Alive ~ The Eagles
  • When You Say Nothing At All ~ Ronan Keating
  • She Will Be Loved ~ Maroon 5
The competition here is as fierce as ever, with the artists gaining popularity not only with teenagers, but with adults as well.
  • Thriller ~ Michael Jackson
  • Material Girl ~ Madonna
  • Larger than Life ~ Backstreet Boys
  • Love me For a Reason ~ Boyzone
  • Wonderwall ~ Oasis
  • My Love ~ Westlife
  • What Goes Around ~ Justin Timberlake
  • Bye Bye Bye ~ Nsync
  • Beautiful ~ Akon
  • Numb ~ Linkin Park
Now, I'm more of a metal music person, so trust me on this list!
  • Return to Serenity ~ Testament
  • Master of Puppets ~ Metallica
  • Hallowed Be Thy Name ~ Iron Maiden
  • 11th Hour ~ Lamb of God
  • Tornado of Souls ~ Megadeth
  • Cemetery Gates ~ Pantera
  • Back in Black ~ AC/DC
  • Paranoid ~ Black Sabbath
  • Sweet Child o'Mine ~ GNR
  • Painkiller ~ Judas Priest
I've tried not to repeat the songs of some bands so that I can incorporate more artistes in this list. I hope you enjoy my little playlist! Kudos!