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Easy Karaoke Songs

Easy Karaoke Songs
For a karaoke party at home or anywhere else, you need to have some easy karaoke songs in the pipeline, so that everyone can join the fun and rock the party. Here's some help...
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Happy friends singing karaoke together
Karaoke originated in Japan and was a way for the common people to enjoy a mode of entertainment. It means to sing a song or recite lyrics with some recorded background music. Today, it is globally recognized and used as a fun activity in parties, clubs, family functions, and many other occasions.
There are machines which have recorded music and a mic system attached for the user's convenience, called karaoke machines. This fun activity is not only for those who sing well. There are a number of simple karaoke songs which can be sung by beginners too.
The lyrics are displayed on the screen in front and the music plays in the background. All one has to do is simply listen to the music of the chosen song and sing along with the tune as the lyrics are displayed.
Group of senior friends having a party
If you think you can't sing that well but want to try it out, do not fret. Just try out the songs in this list, and give everyone a chance to applaud your effort.
Once you get into the mood, it isn't as difficult as you think. Here are a few easy karaoke songs to croon, in case singing really isn't your thing.
20 Easy Karaoke Songs to Sing
Don't Stop Believin' (1981)
Artist: Journey
Album: Escape
Duration: 4:11
Hey Jude (1968)
Artist: The Beatles
Album: Single
Duration: 7:11
Born in the U.S.A (1984)
Artist: Bruce Springsteen
Album: Born in the U.S.A
Duration: 4:39
Livin' on a Prayer (1968)
Artist: Bon Jovi
Album: Slippery When Wet
Duration: 4:11
Nothing Else Matters (1992)
Artist: Metallica
Album: Metallica
Duration: 6:28
Don't Look Back in Anger (1996)
Artist: Oasis
Album: Morning Glory
Duration: 4:47
500 Miles (1988)
Artist: The Proclaimers
Album: Sunshine on Leith
Duration: 3:33
Waterloo (1974)
Artist: ABBA
Album: Waterloo
Duration: 2:42
Bad Reputation (1981)
Artist: Joan Jett
Album: Bad Reputation
Duration: 2:48
Say You'll Be There (1995)
Artist: Spice Girls
Album: Spice
Duration: 3:56
Love Shack (1989)
Artist: B-52's
Album: Cosmic Thing
Duration: 5:21
Satisfaction (1965)
Artist: The Rolling Stones
Album: Out of Our Heads
Duration: 3:44
Like a Virgin (1984)
Artist: Madonna
Album: Like a Virgin
Duration: 3:38
I Will Survive (1978)
Artist: Gloria Gaynor
Album: Love Tracks
Duration: 3:15
Date Rape (1991)
Artist: Sublime
Album: 40oz. to Freedom
Duration: 4:32
Black Velvet (1989)
Artist: Alannah Myles
Album: Alannah Myles
Duration: 4:49
Listen to Your Heart (1988)
Artist: Roxette
Album: Look Sharp!
Duration: 5:29
Friends in Low Places (1990)
Artist: Garth Brooks
Album: No Fences
Duration: 4:18
Zombie (1990)
Artist: The Cranberries
Album: No Need to Argue
Duration: 5:06
Give Me One Reason (1996)
Artist: Tracy Chapman
Album: New Beginning
Duration: 4:30
The easiness of a karaoke song depends on how simple its lyrics are, vocal range, and how popular it is (that'll get others to join you and help you along the way). These karaoke songs aren't just all time hits, but extremely easy to sing even for those who are the greatest singers. So, if you're in a mood to party, go rent yourself a karaoke machine and have fun singing these lovely songs.