Band Name Ideas

Awesome band names
You need to ponder over several ideas while coming up with a name for a music band. While many may think it is a very easy task, this might not always be the case. There is a lot of thought and effort that goes into creating a great and unique band name.
The Name to Fame!
Lars Ulrich, the drummer of the popular heavy metal band Metallica, came up with this name while discussing possible names for a metal magazine. His friend decided to use 'Metal Mania' for the magazine, and Lars chose 'Metallica' for his band, which was one of the suggestions for the name of the magazine.

Band names are, without a shadow of doubt, one of the most influential factors in a band's popularity. While a band may practice for endless hours and possess the capability to produce great music, unless the band's name is one that instantly captures the attention of the audience, all its other efforts might go in vain.

In most cases, band names should be relevant to the kind of music being played and the genre in which it operates. There may be intentional exceptions to this case, but that does not work out too often. Many a time, bands use their names as a symbol or a message that they want to convey by their music.

If you are planning on starting a band, or already have one, but are yet to name it, or want a better name, here is a list of band name ideas divided into various types -

Names According to Genre
Rut Smash


Slick Bay

Black Monday

Blue Autumn Tuesday


Wave Tradition

Rock Lawyers

Skinny Dream

Ultra Spec

Four Seasons

Subway Boys/Girls

Mamma's Boys/Girls

The 18 Flights
Kitten Hugs

Stripes Blue

Munchkin Parlor

Re-fried Pink

The Snuffle Bunnies

Cryptic Shadows



Skull Dread

Guns and Flowers
Apocalypse in Hell

Destruction Inc.

Rapid Force

Psychic Clones

Mystic Tunes

Names that Convey Clear Messages or Movements
Racial Terminators

Old School Boys/Girls

Vengeful Feminists


Fury Against the System


Atheist Maniacs

Agnostic Souls


Cool Band Names
Pearl Glow

Junior Sound Workshop

Painter Nirvana

The Darkside

Lucifer Inc.

Giant Pressure Junkies


Flying Gravity

Outcome Input

Retro Mood Queens

Sinatra Spectrum

Fury Against the System

Deathly Living


Baby Boys

Duet Dodos

Symbian Sync

Raw Fire

Vintage Psycho Arrangement

Damned Connoisseurs

Stock Hallucination

Source Zero

Freud Project

Unorthodox and Funny Names
Hitler's Brain

The Nerdy Experiment

Congress of Spunk

Attack of the Retreating Invisible Cows

The Baby Throwers

Curtain of Pain


Booty Calls

50% Off

Victoria's Vomit

Sophie's Nonsense

Leopard Hunters

The Douche Bags


Triple D

Better Than You

Time Watchers

Spiked Punch
The Old Monks

Van Gogh's Ear

The Ass Ponys

Secret of Area 51

Arrogant Worms

Bad Housewives

Electric Death Chickens

Drunk Whales


Chainsaw Kittens

The Vast Void of Empty Nothingness

Baby Candy Snatchers

Devils Without a Cause

The Lethargic Buffoons

Junk Food Artillery Explosion

Plumbers on a Sunday

Sincere Jesters

Underpants Machine

Now that you are armed with all types of band names, go ahead and choose one that suits your group, or use these to come up with a unique band name of your own. Get rocking!!!