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Yamaha P95 Review

Yamaha P95 Review

The Yamaha P95 has attracted a lot of attention from pianists looking for a great tone in a small package. But what is more interesting is that most of the reviews of this product are positive...
Stephen Rampur
Yamaha has been in the music industry for years now, producing superb sounding, quality, and reliable instruments of all types. The brand is prominent for producing sound mixers, keyboards and pianos, guitars, drums and percussion, and many other instruments and electronics. It is most notable for manufacturing digital pianos. Its Yamaha P95 digital piano from the P Series is very popular amongst pianists and keyboardists. It is a touch response digital piano which can be used as a substitute to a conventional piano. First let us take a look at its features and specifications.

Features and Specifications

The P95 is a digital piano that serves as a replacement to the P85. Contrary to the appearance of the piano, it is mainly intended to be used by beginners and intermediates. The most appealing thing about this instrument is that it has an improved and powerful built-in amp and speaker system, a slim and light body, and comes at a very inexpensive price. You can use your skill on a total of 88 keys.

The P95 has a Graded Hammer Standard (GHS) keyboard; which means the white keys are heavy just like an acoustic piano, whereas the black keys are suitable for lighter playing style. Moreover, the sensitivity level of keys can be set according to playing variations; such as Hard, Medium, Soft, and Fixed. The small size of the instrument aids in easy portability. It comes with all sounds that a pianist would demand, such as the traditional grand piano, electric piano, organs, strings, choir tones, harpsichords, and many more. The 'Jazz Organ' and 'Choir' are two new sounds which make this instrument appropriate for church use.

P95 Digital Piano Review

At just about 26.7 lbs, it is a lightweight option for most of its counterparts. A sustain pedal and a detachable sheet music rest is included in the package. The matte finish on black notes gives a professional look to the keyboard. As far as the functions are concerned, it is a surprisingly able option for beginner pianists. It has a reverb function, which can be used in four modes, and it also has a chorus effect. Coming to the tones, there are two piano sounds available viz., concert grand and bright grand. You will also find organs like electric jazz organ and triple choir pipe organ for playing in a church setting. Some users might think that it was better if Yamaha had added the 50 different pre-loaded songs available on the P85.

On the flip side, its capability of recording just one user song might be a turnoff for many buyers. Also, you have to pay about a $100 for a stand, taking the price even higher. However, these are just minor points, and certainly not deal breakers. While the retail price of the P95 is believed to be around $900, you can purchase it online for about $550, making this a very good deal indeed.

Most of the reviews are on the positive side, and though there are a few points that you should really consider before spending $500, this is a good buy. If you want a feel of an 88-key piano, the P95 is probably the best bet. Many buyers go in for this option because they do not have much space to keep a big piano just to get an acoustic sound. Another good thing about this product can be its ease of operation.