Try Before You Buy: Buying Music Online

Not only is it easier to buy music online than in a store, you have thousands more choices, much better prices, and you can usually sample songs before buying them.
So you don't want to venture out to Barnes & Noble, Best Buy, or another of your favorite music stores to listen to what is new on the horizon, or to buy the latest CD. You'd much rather stay at home and shop online. That is understandable, especially since there are hundreds of Internet sites now that offer many different types of ways to purchase music. Also, the fact that most stores cannot hold the volume of inventory that can be accessed through the Internet makes ordering from home all the more logical.
For example, if you register as a non-paying individual, Rhapsody gives you the capability of downloading the songs you want with a 25-song limitation per month. The neat thing about Rhapsody is that you can search for any song from any era and there will be multiple choices from which you can select. You can download complete albums or individual songs. You can also purchase a membership from Rhapsody and enjoy unlimited downloads.
Some sites offer the convenience for you to purchase a CD as well as listen to samples before you buy. Amazon offers that as well as listener reviews to help you decide if you like a certain CD. Other sites, like, eBay, etc., offer a customer the ability to buy used CDs, obviously at a substantially reduced price. For many people, this seems to be the best option as there are guarantees on used products, as well as new products.
When you purchase online, whether it is music or other items, there are specific things you need to be aware of when placing an order.
1. If there are questions you have that are not answered on the site, contact the customer service department and inquire. Some sites offer phone numbers, while others want communication only via email.
2. Make sure there is a guarantee for the product.
3. Check your order before submitting your order.
4. If you are paying online, make sure the site is a trusted and secure site, so no one will have access to your personal financial information. Some sites will offer the option to pay over the phone. Still others give a person the option to send in a check, and after the receipt of the money, the item will be shipped. For some people, this seems to be a more secure way of handling a business transaction.
5. eBay and other sites that offer pre-owned CDs, will often list the seller's nickname and how you can ask the buyer a question. Usually this is through a secure process where the Internet company is the mediator of the conversation. It is important to communicate any questions or concerns before you buy.
6. Finally, check the return policy and the Internet site guarantee. This is extremely important, especially for previously used items. It is also helpful to ask in case there are problems associated with the shipping of the item.
Shopping online for music, or anything else, can be fun, informative, educational, as well as a time-saver. Just remember the safety guidelines for ordering online and get busy!