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Top R&B Songs

Top R&B Songs
When R&B music made its entry, it seamlessly ruffled the music industry. No wonder it is a rage among the masses. I present to you some of the greatest R&B songs of all time.
Melodyful Staff
R&B songs were originally an amalgam of blues and gospel music, and jazz sounds. During the years of its formation, this genre of music comprised drums, piano and vocals, apart from bass instruments and woodwinds. With time, the music was popularized by its lyrics which suggested a sexual element, and by its provocative nature towards dancing. 
Top 10 Songs on the Hot R&B Songs Chart, 2012
Check out some of the best lines from the lyrics of each of these songs.
some lyrics may contain explicit content. Parental Discretion Advised.)

#1. Diamonds
~ Rihanna

"...Palms rise to the universe
As we moonshine and molly
Feel the warmth, we'll never die
We're like diamonds in the sky..."

#2. Thrift Shop
~ Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

"...I wear your granddad's clothes
I look incredible
I'm in this big ass coat
From that thrift shop down the road..."

#3. Girl On Fire
~ Alicia Keys

"...Looks like a girl, but she's a flame
So bright, she can burn your eyes
Better look the other way
You can try but you'll never forget her name..."

#4. Swimming Pools (Drank)
~ Kendrick Lamar

"...Some people like the way it feels
Some people wanna kill their sorrows
Some people wanna fit in with the popular
That was my problem..."

#5. Clique
~ Kanye West, Jay-Z, Big Sean

"...What of the dollar you murdered for
Is that the one fighting for your soul
Or your brother's the one that you're running from
But if you got money, f@#! it, because I want some..."

#6. Adorn
~ Miguel

"...Baby these fists will always protect ya, lady
And this mind, oh, will never neglect you, yeah, baby, oh, baby
And if they try to break us down don't let that affect us, no, baby..."

#7. F**kin Problems
~ A$AP Rocky

"...Yeah ho this the finale
My pep talk turn into a pep rally
Say she's from the hood but she live inside in the valley now
Vacate in Atlanta, then she going back to Cali..."

#8. Bandz A Make Her Dance
~ Juicy J

"...Down in Atlanta, about to hit up magic
Throw some money in the air all the bad bitches gone grab it
Straight off the floor she gonna need a couple of bags
Like a broke atm I'm a spillin all this cash..."

#9. Thinkin Bout You
~ Frank Ocean

"...A new feel (a new feel)
It won't ever get old, not in my soul
Not in my spirit, keep it alive (spirit, keep it alive)
We'll go down this road
'Til it turns from color to black and white..."

#10. No Worries
~ Lil Wayne

"...Smoke so much that Smokey the Bear, have to bear with us
And that Jeep with the doors off that means that bitch sleek
All these bitch think they're the shit, I sent them up shits creek
You see Tunechi right here, give me brain ideas..."
Top R&B Songs from the 80s
• Looking for a New Love
~ Jody Watley (1987)
• Don't Be Cruel
~ Bobby Brown (1988)
~ Ashford & Simpson (1984)
• Freeway of Love
~ Aretha Franklin (1985)
• Slow Hand
~ The Pointer Sisters (1981)
• Mercedes Boy
~ Pebbles (1988)
• I Feel for You
~ Chaka Khan (1984)
~ Kool & the Gang (1983)
• Shake You Down
~ Gregory Abbott (1986)
• Crush on You
~ The Jets (1985)
Top R&B Songs from the 90s
• One Sweet Day
~ Mariah Carey (1995)
• I Will Always Love You
~ Whitney Houston (1992)
• That's The Way Love Goes
~ Janet Jackson (1993)
• I Believe I Can Fly
~ (R. Kelly) (1996)
~ TLC (1995)
• This Is How We Do IT
~ Montell Jordan (1995)
• Real Love
~ Jody Watley (1989)
• End Of The Road
~ Boyz II Men (1992)
• My Lovin'
~ En Vogue (1992)
• Come and Talk to Me
~ Jodeci (199)
Some More Great R&B Numbers
• Creep
- Brandy
• Stay
- Eternal
• Unpretty
• Lies
- En Vogue
• No Scrubs
• Pony
- Ginuwine
• Rack City
- Tyga
• Too Close
- Next
• Do Me Right
- Guy
• Hold On
- En Vogue
• If
- Janet Jackson
• Thong Song
- Sisqo
• Freek'n You
- Jodeci
• Groove Thang
- Zhane
• Honey
- Mariah Carey
- Keith Sweat
• You're the One
• Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg
• I'm So Into You
• So Anxious
- Ginuwine
• Fantasy
- Mariah Carey
• Hustle Hard
- Ace Hood
• Rock Steady
- Whispers
• Romantic
- Karyn White
• Do Me!
- Bell Biv DeVoe
• Emotions
- Mariah Carey
• I Wanna Love You
- Jade
• All 4 Love
- Color Me Badd
• Back & Forth
- Aaliyah
• Bump 'N Grind
- R. Kelly
• Caught Out There
- Kelis
• Hit Me Off
- New Edition
• I Wanna Be Down
- Brandy
• Super Freak
- Rick James
• The First Night
- Monica
• Exclusivity
- Damian Dame
• Free Your Mind
- En Vogue
• Just Kickin' It
- Xscape
• Straight Up
- Paula Abdul
• Dreamlover
- Mariah Carey
• Motownphilly
- Boyz II Men
• Heartbreaker
- Mariah Carey
• I Love Your Smile
- Shanice
• I'm Coming Out
- Diana Ross
• Let's Ride
- Montell Jordan
• Live and Learn
- Joe Public
• Nightshift
- The Commodores
• You Remind Me
- Mary J. Blige
• Dancing Tonight
- Kat DeLuna
• Don't Be Afraid
- Aaron Hall
• Freak Like Me
- Adina Howard
• Humpin' Around
- Bobby Brown
• In The Middle
- Isaac Carree
• Let The Music Play
- Shannon
• My Prerogative
- Bobby Brown
• New Attitude
- Patti LaBelle
• Sexual Healing
- Marvin Gaye
• Celebration
- Kool & the Gang
• Closer Than Friends
- Surface
• He's So Shy
- Pointer Sisters
• Through The Fire
- Chaka Khan
• Feels Good
- Tony! Toni! Tone!
• I Belong to You
- Toni Braxton
• Let's Get It On
- Marvin Gaye
• Sittin' Up in My Room
- Brandy Norwood
• Together Again
- Janet Jackson
• What About Your Friends
• Forever Your Girl
- Paula Abdul
• Living In America
- James Brown
• Say You, Say Me
- Lionel Richie
• U Know What's Up
- Donell Jones
• Are You That Somebody?
- Aaliyah
• Giving You the Benefit
- Pebbles
• If Your Girl Only Knew
- Aaliyah
• 21st Century Girl
- Willow Smith
• How Deep is Your Love?
- Dru Hill
• How Will I Know
- Whitney Houston
• I'm Every Woman
- Whitney Houston
• Jumpin' Jumpin'
- Destiny's Child
• Somebody's Watching Me
- Rockwell
• Boom
- Snoop Dogg
• Don't Disturb This Groove
- The System
• Got 'til It's Gone
- Janet Jackson
• One in a Million You
- Larry Graham
That would be all for some great R&B songs of all time. Jotting down the songs may be tiresome; better bookmark the page. Enjoy!