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Top Emo Songs of All Time

Top Emo Songs of All Time
The emo genre came up as a way to express one's angst and frustration via music and lifestyle. The following top emo songs of all time are enlisted below to help you ease the flow of those pent-up emotions when feeling blue.
Melodyful Staff
When the shards of a broken heart pierce the bosom, it hurts like hell and leaves the deepest scar imaginable. Anger, depression, frustration, betrayal and guilt are those emotional hells of human existence which may manifest in many a destructive as well as alternative forms - the most creative and morosely beautiful form being emo music and songs. Here are some top emo songs of all time which are saturated with turbulent sentiments and resonate with laments of hopelessness, lost love and pessimism.

Top Emo Songs of All Time
  • Smother Me ~ by The Used
  • Curses ~ by Bullet For My Valentine
  • Harder Than You Know ~ by Escape the Fate
  • Don't Tell Me ~ by Avril Lavigne
  • Until the Day I Die ~ by Story of the Year
  • My Curse ~ by Killswitch
  • Lucky One ~ by Lapush
  • The Pros and Cons of Breathing ~ by Fall Out Boys
  • Infest ~ by Papa Roach
  • That Girl Was Me ~ by Lindsay Lohan
  • Tonight I Wanna Cry ~ by Keith Urban
  • Untouchable Face ~ by Anie Difranco
  • I Don't Want To Get Over You ~ by Magnetic Fields
  • Silly Love Songs ~ by Paul McCartney
  • Stolen ~ by Jay Sean
  • I Constantly Thank God for Esteban ~ by Panic! At the Disco
  • Creeps ~ by Radiohead
  • The Freshmen ~ by The Verve Pipe
  • Miserable at Best ~ by Mayday Parade
These are some of my favorite emo songs of all time. Besides the above, there are a lot of emo songs which score equally high as some of the best emo songs of all time and may be enumerated as follows:-
  • Dead Memories ~ by Slipknot
  • Helena ~ by My Chemical Romance
  • How Long is the Night ~ by Thursday
  • Dressed to Kill ~ by New Found Glory
  • Ab's Song ~ by Marshall Tucker Band
  • Killing Me Softly With His Song ~ by Roberta Flack, later sung ~ by Fugees and many other artistes is one of the best sad songs that make you cry; it makes me cry for sure, though I don't know why...
  • My Immortal ~ by Evanescence (one of my favorites among top sad songs)
  • My December ~ by Linkin Park
  • Gone ~ by N'Sync
  • I Am Stretched on Your Grave ~ by Oconnor Sinead and later ~ by Dead Can Dance
  • With or Without You ~ by U2
Top 10 Emo Songs of All Time

Besides the above, there are some songs which wring your heart and make feelings flow out of it which escape from the eyes as tears. Below is a list of some of the saddest emo songs that make you cry:-
  • Love Song For a Vampire ~ by Annie Lennox is my personal favorite in this category. It is a hopelessly beautiful emo song which laments love's unfulfilled destiny and its timeless survival beyond death.
  • Forget My Name ~ by New Found Glory
  • Last Resort ~ by Papa Roach
  • Hole Like the Sky ~ by Still Life
  • How Can You Mend a Broken Heart ~ by Al Green
  • Juneau by Funeral For a Friend
  • Crawling ~ by Linkin Park
  • How to be Dead ~ by Snow Patrol
  • This Bitter Pill ~ by Dashboard Confessional
  • Hate Me ~ by Blue October
Top Emo Songs of the Last Decade
  • Awful Direction ~ by The Almost
  • The Poison ~ by The All-American Rejects
  • Choose Your Fate ~ by Escape the Fate
  • Pollyanna ~ by Northstar
  • I'm the Fool ~ by New Found Glory
  • Getaway Drug ~ by Spill Canvas
  • Heart is Hard to Find ~ by Jimmy Eat World
  • Go Your Own Way ~ by Silverstein
  • Empty With You ~ by The Used
  • What Do You Want From Me ~ by Forever the Sickest Kids
Those were some of the best pieces of acoustic art in the emo genre. You can also refer to some of the other best emo songs to add a few more to your own song collection. When emotionally feeling under the weather, emo songs can give great relief as the somber/punk music and the emotionally charged lyrics reach out and touch the heart. These top emo songs of all time are a must-have in the collection so as to enable you to fall back on them in those times when you feel you are not understood and can't talk about it to anyone. Besides the dark, heavy feel, the sad beauty and van passion of these emo and sad songs make them worth listening to and many a time you can identify with them.