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15 Clear Signs That Prove You are a True Music Lover

15 Signs That Prove You are a True Music Lover
Good music always lifts your spirits and lightens up your mood instantly. But sometimes, it is so good that you can't help but listen to it every now and then. Eventually, you can't live without it. Sounds familiar, isn't it? Music is one thing that all of us would relate to. If you too love music, then this Melodyful article will surely make your day. Take a look at a list of signs that prove you are a music lover.
Tanaya Navalkar
Last Updated: Aug 26, 2017
"One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain." ― Bob Marley
There's at least one thing that makes everyone tick. Music. Imagine if there would be no music to listen to at all? How would your life be? Boring, isn't it? There's no doubt that music can instantly put you in a good mood. In fact, it has much more benefits than you may even know.
Makes You Creative And Productive
businesswoman listening music
It makes you more creative and productive in daily life and work, as well as helps release stress. No matter what is going on in your life, it makes you feel better in no time. There's a song for every mood and situation that you connect instantly with.
Can't Live Without Music
Music Lover
No wonder most people around the world simply love music, so much so that they just can't live without it. Call them addicts, obsessed, fanatics, freaks, whatever, but in the end, they all love music no matter what.
female fallen asleep
They put it on as soon as they get up in the morning, and sleep only if they get to listen to music.
So, take a look at the signs below to know if you're a real music lover, or not.
Things That Prove You're a Music Lover
You and your headphones are inseparable.
women enjoying music
You're always seen with your headphones/earphones on. And when you remove them, you realize how boring life is, so you decide to put them back on again. If by chance you forget them at home, it's like the most miserable day of your life.
You sometimes forget that you're in a public place.
singing in crowd
You forget that you can't sing loudly in public places, but until you realize that, it's too late. You'd have already gathered a large audience, watching you groove on your favorite song that you're singing at the top of your voice.
Your reaction when you see your favorite artist perform live.
little girl
All of us have our favorite songs and artists, and wish to watch them perform live at least once in life. And finally, when that day comes, your excitement knows no bounds. You feel as if you're completely in a different world. You wish that time would stop, so that you can keep watching them perform forever.
You get a bit judgmental when you meet someone with a very bad music taste.
disgusted women
You simply can't understand how can people have such a bad taste in music, when there a million good songs and artists in this world. You sometimes wish they knew how bad their taste is. You scoff at people who think that they are the biggest fans out there, because only you know that they know nothing about the artist.
Car drives and journeys are impossible without music.
with friend on trip
The thought itself freaks you out. A journey or ride without music seems like 100 times longer to you, and you imagine how much you'd get bored! And when you park your car, and your favorite song comes up, you wait till it gets over.
When you meet someone with the same taste in music.
date and music
When you meet someone who has the same taste in music as yours, you feel as if you've found your musical soulmate. And when you start talking about music, it's like you two share a language that no other person understands.
You can sing anywhere and everywhere.
music in swimming pool
Yes, even while swimming! You don't need a special place to go and listen to or sing a song. For you, home is where your headphones are.
You make the most of your time in the shower.
singing in bathtub
I'm sure most of you out there are bathroom singers, and it's like you are on stage as soon as you enter the shower, which has also lead to some mishaps. You know why! You love to sing, but sadly, aren't blessed with a good voice. And people know where you'd be when they hear you singing loudly.
And even when alone at home!
woman with mop singing
You just can't stop yourself from singing. Listening to an amazing song while cleaning, and it's SO good that you drop all the work, turn up the volume, and dance and lip sync with a broom in your hand, that makes you look ridiculous. But who cares! And even if your neighbors complain, you turn a deaf ear and continue singing.
You look forward to all music festivals.
crowd enjoying music
You have a great collection of wristbands from different music festivals, and are always willing to do anything to get those tickets. And when the fest gets over, you get really depressed while trying to get back to real life. How I wish I could live at a music festival! Not at all a bad idea though.
You practice and look forward to karaoke nights.
sing your favorite songs
You keep updating your list of songs that you'll sing at karaoke nights, because for you, happiness is when you get to sing your favorite songs, and even greater if you get to sing in front of a huge crowd.
When you go 2 - 3 hours without listening to music = Hell!
hand blocking mans face
There have been times when you've literally wanted to kill yourself for forgetting your headphones at home, and you had to do without any music the whole time. You feel suffocated and empty when you don't get to listen to some music.
Different playlists for different places, moods, and chores.
Woman In The Kitchen Music
There's a bathroom playlist, chores playlist, before-sleep playlist, while going to work playlist, playlist for car rides, etc.
disappointed listening to music
You get highly disappointed when a new album you've been looking forward to ends up being horrible.
planning wedding songs
You've already planned on what songs you would like to be played at your wedding and other occasions.
Music is your faithful companion in all kinds of situations. When nothing works for you, music does. And no matter what, you can never give up on it. So how many of the above signs could you relate to?
Young man jumped on couch listening to music with headphones
Music Player
I've got sunshine in this bag
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