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List of Christian Punk Bands

List of Christian Punk Bands

Christian punk has become a prominent music genre in young believers. It is also a great way to reach out to people who are into secular music, to spread the gospel. This article provides a list of Christian punk bands. Read on...
Melodyful Staff
As the name suggests, Christian punk is a genre of music that combines elements of gospel music with that of punk rock. This music is a great option for Christian music enthusiasts who want to listen to rock music but do not prefer secular music. Listening to this music is a good way to enjoy rock music, with gospel themes and lyrics. Christian punk originated in the 80s when hard rock and metal was spread all over in the music world. Owing to the dressing and lifestyle of Christian punk rock musicians, there has been a debate on whether these bands are really contributing to proclaiming the gospel.

Best Christian Punk Bands

Relient K
This is a famous rock band in the Christian music industry hailing from Ohio. Along with a punk rock sound, their songs comprise heavy elements of piano and acoustic sounds. Two of their most notable songs are 'Five Score and Seven Years Ago' and 'Mmhmm'. Three albums of this band have been gold certified by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). Along with being active in the Christian music industry, they have even performed with well-known secular artists.

Kutless is a Christian rock group from Oregon, started in 2000, that has more of an alternative rock sound. It holds to its name six albums since its formation. Their 'Sea of Faces' album has sold more than 250,000 copies. The most popular tracks from the band are Strong Tower, Run, and Shut Me Out. This band has worked with and for various artists from the gospel music industry; such as Newsboys, Audio Adrenaline, David Crowder Band, and KJ-52.

This is an American band from Oklahoma which has a contemporary hard rock sound than punk rock. Many of their songs and albums have been nominated for or won Dove Awards; some of which are Above, Live For Him, and Fireproof. The band has also been associated with world-class record labels such as Sony BMG and Flicker Records. As of now, they have a record of releasing eight albums and three EPs. Two of their hits include 'For the Love of the Game' and 'Turn It Up'.

Skillet is a Christian rock band from Tennessee which has been through several line up changes, since its inception in 1996. Despite this, two of the band's albums have been considered for Grammy nominations, which are Collide and Comatose. The main members of the band include John Cooper (lead vocals and bass), Korey Cooper (keyboards and synthesizer), and Jen Ledger (drums). Their 'Awake' album has made it as the Top Christian Album 2011 of Billboard.

This Californian band has received many praises for their music as well as stage presence. They entertain audience with energetic live performances which mainly include three guitarists playing simultaneously. At present, they have seven albums released, out of which the latest 'Hello Hurricane' has received a Grammy award for the Best Rock Gospel Album in 2011, and 'Learning to Breathe' album was certified gold by RIAA.

Undercover is a true Christian punk rock band that has songs with gospel lyrics, and musicians with a typical punk rock look. Formed in the early 1980s, this band is one of the oldest punk rock gospel bands. They are notable for direct lyrics in most songs. Their songs generally have lyrics composed from stories and experiences from the Holy Bible. Their most famous songs are 'God Rules' and 'Jesus is the Best', which established them in Christian punk scene.

There are many other names in the list of Christian punk bands, some of which are mentioned in the following section of the article.

Christian Punk Bands List

★ Family Force 5
★ Underoath
★ Norma Jean
★ Showbread
★ Altar Boys
★ Haste the Day
★ The 77s
★ Emery
★ Project 86
★ Paramore

These bands are not just related to Christian punk music but also to many other genres. The songs of these punk rock bands may directly or indirectly point out to Biblical stories or strong Christian beliefs in a punk music style. Many punk bands claim not to be tagged as gospel, since this limits their music to a certain group of people.