Lil Wayne Songs about Love

Can't get enough of Lil Wayne? Read the Melodyful article, and see the list of some amazing love songs from the artist.
Melodyful Staff
Lil Wayne's music is of a completely different level, and can only be understood by those who can feel the meaning behind them. But there are those who still think that rap music is all but about violence and talking trash. Now you'd have to disagree here because only few music artists can claim to have changed the way we view this music today; and yes, he is one of them. His music isn't about badmouthing people or making up lyrics with no meaning. His songs about love have touched many hearts, and helped him climb the steps to success and popularity.
Starting a career at the age of 9 (at that age I was busy playing with my friends and being a kid), Lil Wayne definitely was one of the youngest American rappers to have entered the industry. Changing the face of music with every step that he takes, this rapper has made a mark in the industry and all over the world.
The Love Songs ...
Proudly stating that he has a total of 9 albums under his belt, there's no stopping him. Just to refresh your memory. His 9 studio albums are The Block is Hot (1999), Lights Out (2000), 500 Degreez (2002), Tha Carter (2004), Tha Carter II (2005), Tha Carter III (2008), Rebirth (2010), I Am Not a Human Being (2010), and the much awaited Tha Carter IV (2011). There are many times he stays in the news, not for his songs and music, but for other controversies and legal matters, his fans keep showing him the same support they always have. So without further ado, we will look at the songs.
Let's Talk - ft. DJ Khaled
Album - The Drought Is Over 2 (The Carter 3 Sessions)
Album - 500 Degreez
I Feel Like Dying
Album - The Drought Is Over Part 2 (The Carter 3 Sessions)
Need Some Quiet Time
Album - The Drought Is Over Part 4
One Night Only
Album - The Drought Is Over Part 4
Something You Forgot
Album - The Drought Is Over 2 (The Carter 3 Sessions)
I'm Single
Album - No Ceilings and I Am Not A Human Being
My Darlin' Baby ft. Drake
Album - Black Card Boy (mixtape)
Do It For The Boy ft. Nutt Da Kidd
Album - I Am Not A Human Being
Promise ~ Ciara ft. Lil Wayne
Album - (Ciara's single)
Pretty Brown ft. Lloyd
Album - Graffiti
With You ft. Drake
Album - I Am Not A Human Being
Hustler Musik
Album - Tha Carter II
Everything Will Be Fine
Album - The Drought Is Over Part 2
3 N Morning
Album - New Cash Money
Album - The Drought Is Over Part 3
Album - Tha Carter II
Sweetest Girl ~ Wyclef Jean feat. Lil Wayne and Akon
Album - Carnival Vol. II: Memories of an Immigrant
Out of all his albums, which one is your favorite? Do leave us a comment below and also give us some names of his songs. It'll be good to see which song takes the most votes.