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Indie Bands List

Indie Bands List

An indie bands list that hardcore fans of the genre must get their hands on, to tune in to the best there is when it comes to independent bands making it big in the music industry...
Naomi Sarah
Independent music, or 'Indie' music for short, is a genre where most musicians and bands would choose to stay away from commercialized/major labels, by going to independent labels instead. This curbing away from the commercial scene is because the Internet provides a platform to distribute music to a larger audience through online retailers. This gives them the opportunity to expose their music to fans and to-be fans by availing the opportunities present in digital services.

Artists/bands are able to release live material or limited editions of their work online; that would be a little heavy on the expenses if it were done the traditional way. Artists/bands can also have their own websites to promote their music and sell it at a price of their choice. In this write-up, we look into the indie bands list, and delve into how most of them have transcended the barriers of the commercial music scene in the music business.

List of the Best Indie Bands

Indie music bands started during the punk rock era, where a cornucopia of independent labels thrived during the 1970s. Given below is a list of good indie bands, that fans of the music genre should check out. These top indie bands have made it through the years, as some of the best there is in the independent music scene.

Fugazi (1987-present, hiatus since 2002) (United States)
Known for being a do-it-yourself ethical band when it comes to business - meaning they function by doing things themselves without having someone else, who is more knowledgeable about the situation, do it for them. They have the perception of being able to do things, that one doesn't think is possible to accomplish. They infuse styles of reggae and funk, taking their inspiration from bands like Queen and Led Zeppelin.

Godspeed You! Black Emperor (1994-2003, 2010-present) (Canada)
A post-rock band, that was on hiatus around 2003, but returned to the music scene in 2010 by appearing in the All Tomorrow's Parties music festival in the UK. They've been touring in the past month of August in Glasgow, Manchester, Paris, Bristol and London. The band experiments with versatility by shifting genre styles from post-rock to avant-garde and even progressive rock and classical music.

Joy Division (1976-1980) (United Kingdom)
Labeled under punk rock, the band was short-lived when Ian Curtis, the band's frontman and guitarist, died, where the rest of the band members formed again as 'New Order', achieving success on a commercial level. The band's music revolved heavily around the Nazis, primarily to honor the memories of their grandparents' and parents' sacrifices during World War II. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Moby and even bands like U2, draw inspiration from Joy Division to this day. A documentary was made on the life of vocalist/guitarist Ian Curtis, from his wife's biography ' Touching From a Distance', where the documentary (Control) was screened at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival.

Hüsker Dü (1979-1988) (United States)
The band initially started off on hardcore punk, shifting their music style to alternative rock by turning down the heat with melodic influences from their usual upbeat thrash style. The band briefly broke up, after the suicide of their manager David Savoy, from tensions caused within the band. They later then came together and reformed in 2004 at a benefit concert, although it ended at the concert, without a long-term reunion in mind. They've influenced a lot of alternative rock bands with their melodic college rock and hardcore punk sounds.

Metric (1988-present) (Canadian)
The leading vocalist hails from New Delhi, India, and was brought up in Ontario under the influence of music by her father. He exposed her to the likes of Robert Wyatt and Carla Bley. They featured on the Canada for Haiti telethon, with their track 'Help, I'm Alive' in January, 2010. Their style of music circles around indie rock influences, with the 2009 album 'Fantasies' making it to the Alternative Album of the Year at the 2010 Juno awards.

Indie Bands that You Must Tune Into

Indie bands are sprouting up worldwide with the promise of making great music and the possibility of making it big with their potentiality. Let's take a look at some more bands that indie rock lovers must make a point to check out, of both the old and new.
  • The Black Rabbits (Orlando, Florida)
  • The Wind (California, United States)
  • Slow Loris (Wisconsin, United States)
  • The Golden Dogs (Toronto, Canada)
  • Castle lights (Houston, TX)
  • Yo La Tengo (New Jersey, United States)
  • Pixies (Boston, United States)
  • Pavement (California, United States)
  • El Santo Nada (Pescara, Italy)
  • Deas Vail (Arkansas, United States)
  • Smoke and Feathers (Austin, TX)
Here the indie bands list features those who've made a mark in the punk era, deviating from their core music genre, to showcase their adaptable abilities when it comes to switching musical styles. Be sure to check out the best indie bands, for those of you who are big fans. I hope this list caters to your need to know who's still making it to the top, and still marking the number one slot to this day, even if not currently on the music scene. Have fun tuning in.