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How to Write Songs for Children

How to Write Songs for Children

The main requirement for writing a song when your audience is made up of kids is to come up with simple tunes and words...
Stephen Rampur
Song writing is a probably the best task to express your feeling in a creative and musical manner. You need to consider the tune, lyrics and the overall feel of the song while doing so. Children love stories, songs, music and dance, all of which can be used as effective mediums to communicate with them. When it comes to writing songs for kids, you need to consider some important things regarding the lyrics and tune. You may have to write songs for children in Sunday schools, at school gatherings, or simply for entertainment.

Tips on Writing Songs for Children

Easy Tune and Chords
You might have observed that all children songs have a simple tune with not many singing variations. This is because children grasp simple tunes faster than complicated ones. An easy tune also means simple chord combinations. A kids' song should have only two to three chords. This will be helpful, if the song is to be performed by the children themselves on musical instruments. Starting the song in any major key will give a happy tone to it. Keep the combination simple such as G-C-D chords. A good example is the Baa Baa Black Sheep rhyme which has this chord combination.

Easy Words in Lyrics
Including easy words in the lyrics is absolutely required when you are writing songs for children. The reason for this is that words may be new to children, and it is important for them to understand the words to develop language skills. Moreover, the words should also be easy to pronounce and memorize. Children would certainly enjoy memorizing the song if the words are easy to pronounce and learn. For example, the wordings of the very famous London Bridge is falling down rhyme.

Rhyme Scheme
A rhyme scheme in the verse and chorus is also as important as including simple words. A rhyme gives the song an interesting touch and helps connect the lines in a verse. You can choose the very simple 'AAAA' rhyme scheme on a four-line verse. Another good ones such as the 'AABB' can even be used for a children's song. Children do find the song enjoyable and easy if the lines seem connected and in rhyme. The Ding Dong Bell rhyme has a good AABB kind of rhyme scheme.

Song Theme
To create an interest in children to sing and by heart a song, the main topic should be interesting. Think of ideas and concepts that kids are directly related to. You can write the song lyrics using ideas such as a day at school, school bus, mom and dad, homework, ice cream and candy, and other similar ones. You can even think of short stories, which will make them happy. Be it any theme, make sure it teaches a good lesson to children. The Twinkle Twinkle Little Star is very famous for its song theme for children.

Actions and Dance
Most children love to dance and do actions. After you have written a song, you can set appropriate steps to the lyrics. Actions or gestures in songs would greatly appeal to kids, hence encouraging them to participate. These steps can be used to arrange a dance to that song. Just like the words and lyrics should be made simple, so should the actions in dance songs for kids. If not for the whole song, the chorus can surely consist of fun-to-do actions. Along with the tune and lyrics, it is a good idea to add rhythmic beats to the song. Children do enjoy the Humpty Dumpty rhyme with actions.

Practice the Song with Kids
As kids being kids, there are many possibilities of the song to get messed up when sung by children. To make the song perfect, you should thoroughly practice it and the actions with children. With practice, you will come to know what all further modifications you need to do to better the song and make it more catchy. This is especially necessary if kids are planning to present the song on an occasion, like during Christmas or a school gathering.

Children would certainly enjoy practicing the song full of actions if you have considered the above mentioned things. Every song should be composed in a way that it would be fun, and give useful lessons for kids. Writing a song for kids can be easy only if too many complex song writing techniques are not used, and if you adopt a pattern of simple tunes, clear lyrics, and kiddish themes. Just think like a child and start writing and composing!