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Electric Guitar Brands

Electric Guitar Brands
Companies like Gibson and Fender undoubtedly stand tall in the electric guitar brands list. This article puts light on the best electric guitar companies.
Melodyful Staff
If you are thinking about the best acoustic or electric guitar-making names, coming up with answers is really difficult and confusing. As of now, there are several different musical instrument brands that have come up with their own lineup of cool guitar models. And this is the main reason why choosing a good guitar becomes a lot tougher. If you ask proficient musicians who have worked in the music industry for some decades now, they will probably suggest to you some acoustic and electric guitar manufacturers which they have used in their careers in the past.
When it comes to guitars, electric guitar brands comparison can hardly be done. You can in no way come to a conclusion that one popular brand is better than the other. This is because all musical instrument manufacturing companies have their own set of guitars which are used by musicians all over the world. For one professional musician, a particular brand may be the best; but according to other music experts, there might be other brands that are considered the best.
Best Electric Guitar Brands List
Guitar-playing prodigies believe this to be the best guitar manufacturing company, be it for electric guitars or acoustic guitars. Some of the world-famous models are the Les Paul, Flying V, Explorer, and the SG series.
In the music industry, Fender is considered as the closest competitor to its rival Gibson. Fender guitars are well built as well as good sounding. Their most popular models are the Stratocaster and Telecaster.
Yamaha is a brand that not only offers guitars; but also other musical instruments like keyboards and pianos, drums and percussion, wind instruments, and other string instruments. You can say that it is a versatile quality music instrument manufacturer.
Dean Guitars
This is an American guitar manufacturing company that produces electric and bass guitar models suitable for heavy metal musicians. Their models are fascinating as well as one of the best sounding.
This is also one electric guitar brand name that produces good-looking and sounding models in a very affordable price range. This is a suitable brand for intermediate as well as advanced guitarists.
Just like Ibanez, ESP too has a product lineup of inexpensive guitars. If you want to go to the more expensive side, it offers artist models as well. For beginners, the standard series is most appropriate.
Paul Reed Smith (PRS) Guitars
PRS guitars are kinda unique, with the curved body edges and beautiful fret-identification designs on the fingerboard. Along with these beautiful guitars, there also comes a good professional tone.
Beginner guitarists need not worry about the sound quality of guitars from Epiphone, as this brand is backed up by the Gibson corporation. Epiphone produces quite affordable models of Les Paul and other types of electric guitars made by Gibson.
Just like Epiphone makes similar Gibson models, Squire makes Fender ones, with again a substantially reduced price tag. Squire has Fender as its parent company, which adds up to its goodwill.
B.C. Rich
B.C. Rich is yet another guitar manufacturing brand who offers solid models for heavy metal and rock music enthusiasts. It also produces a good lineup of bass guitars. A majority of its guitars have pointed edges with graphics.
There are many others such as Ernie Ball Music Man, Gretsch, Warwick, Samick, Hamer, Carvin, Jackson, and so on. Remember that Gibson and Fender are two major brands which own other musical instrument brands. In buying a guitar, it is better to go to the music instrument shop; check out the features, tones, body, and color of the guitar, and choose the most suitable one according to your budget.