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Christian Songs 2017

Christian Songs 2017
It's hard to imagine a world without any form of music and during Christmas the songs and the music just elevates the joy. Below is the list of some top Christian songs that you could add to your collection.
Mukta Gaikwad
Last Updated: Jun 3, 2018
"Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly in all wisdom, teaching and admonishing one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord." ~ Colossians 3:16

Music can clean the dust of everyday life and produce a good feeling that enlightens our soul. Inspirational songs like these make a connection with us that can literally change our hearts, and give us a new direction with fresh purpose and hope. Music has made its way into our dwelling places, our cars, and so ultimately has the power to influence our mind and soul. So the choice is ours whether to listen to peaceful, thought-provoking songs or otherwise. The list is according to the top rating website, the billboard.
Broken Things by William West
We all have good and bad days but what really leaves a mark are the worst days, when we think we are too insignificant and unimportant in this grand design, that God does not need us. This song is a ladder to climb up of all those ditches. Through William West's song we discover that God needs us even in our most broken condition.
The Gospel by Ryan Stevenson
This song does not talk about the Gospel directly, but talks of it in a indirect musical fashion, it talks about our restless generation, and if we could go back to the altar in the arms of our first love. The song in its totality is about salvation that the singer seeks from the father.
Word of Life by Jeremy Camp
The talented song writer who has a bunch of awards to his credit has come up with a single song this year. This song primarily talks about God's love for us. “I want to encourage you to stick to the only true source of life and that’s Jesus, because He gives us all that we need”, says Camp. This Christmas the 'Word of life' is one of the top contenders to be included in your play list.
O'Lord by Lauren Daigle
This song by Lauren is climbing the charts every where. The song professes hope and courage. That the God will make right what is wrong all you need to do is stand your ground; have courage and believe in the almighty.
Even If by Mercy Me
The song is full of encouragement as the writers themselves express their gratitude towards God for all the things that he has given to them. "The whole point of the song for me is the change that Jesus made in my life is so real and so life-transforming that if He went dark, if He went silent from now on, He would still be my greatest hope because of what He has already done” says Millard Adams.
Point To You by We Are Messengers
Darren Mulligan when talking about this song says that it talks about forgiveness and the sublimity of god. He considers himself as the forgiven soul and is thankful to God. He also says that God calls us to him with all our bruises so that he could heal us. This Christmas gives you a chance to relish in light of forgiveness of God.
Your Love Defends Me by Matt Maher
The Grammy award winner singer and song writer Matt Maher drives his inspiration from the old testaments and Exodus. In the times where everyone is fighting over something he says we should hark upon the testaments and believe in what it professes, that the God will fight for us.
Here are some more Christian songs
  • Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells
  • Never Been a Moment by Micah Tyler
  • God Help Me by Plumb
  • Whole Heart by Brandon Heath
  • The Cross Has the Final Word by Newsboys
  • Love is On Our Side by Capital Kings
  • Rise by Danny Gokey
  • Safe in My Father's Arms by Sanctus Real
  • All Good by Hollyn
  • The name of the Lord by William McDowell
  • Falling on My Knees by William McDowell
  • Come to Jesus by William McDowell
  • Prelude To Worship by William McDowell
  • Heal Our Land by Kari Lobe