Best Techno Songs

Best Techno Songs
Since its origin over thirty years ago, techno has massively grown in popularity and led to the creation of several sub-genres. In this article, you will find some of the best techno songs of all time.
The roots of techno began in Detroit during the 1980s.

Techno a genre of music that has a specific set of fans and followers. The ones who listen to it, swear by it. Techno is a type of music that is entirely produced using technology, computers and a few electronic musical instruments, such as sequencers, synthesizers, rhythm machines, samplers, etc. The music is entirely machine-produced and typically, has a sci-fi or a futuristic tone that lends itself to repetitive beats. This type of music is mostly dance-oriented and is predominantly played at nightclubs and lounges. In this Melodyful article, we will have a glance at some popular techno artists and their songs which have been ruling the music charts in this genre.
Top Techno Songs of All Time
Adam Beyer ― Snuff & Noise (Part 2)
Adam Beyer ― London
Basic Channel ― Phylyps Trak
Basic Channel ― Phylyps Trak
Basic Channel ― Axis
Basic Channel ― Octagon
Blawan ― Coronation
Cybotron (Juan Atkins) ― Clear
Cybotron ― Alleys Of Your Mind
Carl Craig ― Landcruising
Carl Craig ― Science Fiction
Carl Craig and Derrick May ― Frustration
CJ Bolland ― Horsepower
CJ Bolland ― Mantra
CJ Bolland ― Thrust
CJ Bolland ― Spring Man
Cari Lekebusch ― Live And Direct C
Cristian Vogel ― Bite And Scratch
Cristian Vogel ― Heartfelt
Cristian Vogel ― Body Mapping
Coil ― Going Up
Coil ― The Snow
DBX ― Losing Control
DBX ― Beat Phreak
Damon Wild ― 2112
Damon Wild ― Avion
DJ Rush ― I Love You
Derrick May ― Strings of Life
Derrick May ― The Dance
Derrick May ― It Is What It Is
Derrick May ― Beyond The Dance
Drexciya ― Digital Tsunami
Drexciya ― Hydro Theory
Drexciya ― Wavejumper
Dave Clarke Ft Chicks On Speed ― What Was Her Name
Dave Clarke ― Way Of Life
Dave Clarke ― No One's Driving
Dominik Eulberg ― Klangteppichverleger Wolle
DJ Rolando a.k.a The Aztec Mystic ― Jaguar (Knights of the Jaguar)
E-Dancer ― Heavenly
Eddie Flashin Fowlkes ― Goodbye Kiss
F.U.S.E. ― F.U.
F.U.S.E. ― Substance Abuse
Galaxy 2 Galaxy ― Journey of The Dragons
Ignacio ― Virton
Inner City (Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey) ― Big Fun
Inner City (Kevin Saunderson and Paris Grey) ― Good Life
Isaiah Major aka DJ Rush ― Spitball
Jeff Mills ― The Bells
Jeff Mills ― The Dancer
Jeff Mills ― Phase 4
Jeff Mills ― Call Of The Wild
Joey Beltram ― Energy Flash
Joey Beltram ― Life Force
Joey Beltram ― Energy Flash
Joey Beltram ― Mentasm
Joey Beltram ― Across The Hemisphere
Josh Wink ― Liquid Summer
Josh Wink ― Higher State of Consciousness
Laurent Garnier ― The Man With The Red Face
Laurent Garnier ― Crispy Bacon
Luke Slater ― Fear & Loathing
Luke Slater ― The 7th Plain
Loco Dice ― Detox
Lone ― Rapid Racer
Moodymann ― Forevernevermore
Millsart ― Step To Enchantment
Mad Mike ― Hi-Tech Dreams
Mad Mike ― Chaos & Order
Model 500 (Juan Atkins) ― No UFOs
Model 500 ― Sonic Sunset
Neil Landstrumm ― Brown By August
Neil Landstrumm ― Home Delivery
Neil Landstrumm ― Finnish Deception
Octave One ― Black Water
Octave One ― Nicolette
Octave One ― I Believe
Psychick Warriors Ov Gaia ― Beyond
Public Energy -Three O Three
Richie Hawtin ― Ping Pong
Robert Hood ― Minimal Nation
Regis ― Aftertaste of Guilt
Regis ― Slave to the Inevitable
Regis ― We Said No
Regis ― Speak To Me
Ron Trent ― Altered States
Richie Hawtin ― Oh Yeah
Richie Hawtin ― Minus/Orange 1
Richie Hawtin ― Minus Yellow
R-Tyme ― R-Theme
Reese ― Rock To The Beat
Steve Stoll ― Captive
Steve Stoll ― Left Of Center
Steve Rachmad a.k.a. Ignacio ― Skyance
Surgeon ― Atol
Surgeon ― La Real
Suburban Knight ― The Art Of Stalking
Slam Ft. Tyrone Palmer ― This World
Terrace ― War Zone
The Martian ― Stardancer
Teste ― The Wipe
The Aphex Twin ― Digeridoo
Traxmen ― Wet Floor
Underground Resistance ― The Punisher
Vainqueur ― Lyot
Whitehouse ― Wriggle Like A F****** Eel
X-Ray ― Untitled
69 ― Ladies And Gentlemen

If you are regular on the clubbing circuit, you will notice quite a few of these songs being played in nightclubs. The rest, you can listen over the Internet. Enjoy the music!