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Best Rap Songs of All Time That'll Make You Go Bananas

Best Rap Songs of All Time
A majority of people love tapping their feet to rap music. The article below enlists the best rap songs of all time, some of which you may already be aware of, and some of which you may have not heard.
Pragya T
The history of rap music can be traced back to Africa. Rap has been an influence on many genres of music. Hip-hop music has its origins in rap, and even today, it uses the style as one of its main elements. While there are several songs that are sung exclusively in the rap rhythm style, there are other songs that feature rap music by artists to make the songs sound amazing. Rapping, which was earlier known as MCing, sounds very cool. However, it certainly requires exceptional skills. It's difficult to even sing all the lyrics of any rap song, let alone compose one. If you want to master the best rap songs, you need to know that you would need a lot of practice and a good memory.
Popular Rap Artists
  • There are many popular rap artists. Fans of classic rap music worship Tupac.
  • People who like contemporary rap music, are ardent followers of Eminem. His song, called 'Stan', is one of his most famous compositions.
  • There are many rap songs, which have some history behind them, like 'Changes' by Tupac, which is about issues, like drugs, racism, and gang violence. These were huge issues during the time that Tupac lived.
  • There are also many hip-hop songs, which draw on rap music, like 'low' by Flo-rida, which are a hit with dancers.
50 Best Rap Songs Ever Made
There are some classic rap songs by artists, like 2pac, Coolio, Vanilla Ice, etc. This list also includes some of the best songs of the 90's. According to me, if you are to compile a 90's best rap songs list, then 'Method Man' by Wu-Tang Clan, would win hands down. There are some rare songs, which many people don't know about like, '93 til Infinity' by Souls of Mischief. In the list below, there are rap songs by contemporary artists, like Eminem, Wyclef, Mike Shinoda, etc. Some hip-hop songs by artists, like Outkast, Missy Elliot, Flo-rida, etc., have also been included.
Name of the song Name of the Singer
Killing Me Softly Fugees
I have a dream Common ft Will I Am I Have a Dream
93 'til Infinity Souls Of Mischief
California Love Tupac Shakur
King of Rock Run DMC
Gangsta's Paradise Coolio
Ice Ice Baby Vanilla Ice
Changes Tupac Shakur
Method Man Wu-Tang Clan
What Go Around Come Around Kid Cypress Hill
Gin 'N Juice Snoop Dogg
Baby Got Back Sir Mix-A-Lot
Public Enemy Fight the Power
Nuthin' But a 'G' Thang Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg
Walk This Way Run-DMC ft/ Aerosmith
One Mic Nas
Lose Yourself Eminem
The Real Slim Shady Eminem
Ghetto Superstar Pras Michel
Hey ya Outkast
Right Thur Chingy
Petrified Mike Shinoda
Get Ur Freak On Missy Elliott
Stan Eminem feat. Dido
Where is the Love The Black Eyed Peas
Work it Kanye West
Hitch Will Smith
Dilemma Nelly
Hot in Here Nelly
In da Club 50 Cent
The Way I Are Timbaland
Cry Me a River Justin Timberlake feat Timbaland
Promiscuous Girl Nelly Furtado
Get down Busta Rhymes
Hold it Now, Hit it Beastie Boys
Guantanamera Wyclef Jean
Tha Block Is Hot Lil' Wayne
Crank That Soulja Boy
Temptations Tupac
Always on Time Ja Rule feat. Ashanti
Try Again Aaliyah
Low Flo-rida
Ladies First Queen Latifah feat. Monie Love
Yeah Usher
Hard Knock Life Jay Z
That's the Joint Funky Four + One
Ridin' Chamillionaire
Like Toy Soldiers Eminem
I Used To Love H.E.R. Common
Ms. Jackson Outkast

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