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Best Female Rappers

Best Female Rappers

This article is a tribute to some of the best female rappers in the music industry, who have entertained millions of fans around the world.
Rajib Singha
Rap music is, without any doubt, one of the most popular genres of music among the masses. For me, it is a completely different kind of wave in the sea of music. A wave that is made up of lyrics which are spoken in rhymes, which at the same time go along with an instrumental and synthesized beat. Rap songs do not depend on the inclusion of any other piece of music. All it needs is beat for it to be carried on.

Rapping is a male-dominated profession, but many women have, in recent times, made their mark on this genre. Here is a list of some of them.

Top Female Rappers of All Time

MC Lyte
It is the sensational MC Lyte who stands on the top of the tree. Right from the 80's, Lyte has been shinning bright. Most people regard her as the queen of rap music, thanks to her originality, flawless performance, seamless effort and thoughtful content.

Queen Latifah
Latifah's Grammy-winning "U.N.I.T.Y.", earned her huge respect from fans across the world. Few people are aware of the fact that this artist was among the people who actually worked for gender equality in hip-hop music. She is not only standing strong at her position as a great rapper, but is also known for her efforts in modeling and acting.

Lauryn Hill
Hill bagged 5 Grammy Awards for her "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill". Lauryn is a master in her own style of music, which she compliments with substance-packed lyrics and apposite social commentary.

Missy Elliott
Elliott is not only an exceptional rapper, but a singer, a songwriter, and a producer to boot. She has to her name six albums certified platinum by the RIAA. This honor is exclusively held by her till now.

Jean Grae
Jean Grae got introduced to the world of rap music 10 years ago. Jean's character always comes out of the ordinary, due to her sense of humor and seriousness. The humor that she brings in her light songs, is complemented by her excellent act in grave songs.

Bahamadia earned tons of fame through her hits such as "Funk Vibe," "Uknowhowwedu" and "True Honey Buns." Her performance has the character of being seamless, calm, and clever. This singer is well versed with the way of making her fans take in the real spirit of hip-hop music.

Da Brat
Da Brat proved her mettle through her debut, "Funkdafied". And this was not all, this very album earned her the recognition of being the creator of the first platinum album by a female rapper.

Rah Digga
This American Rapper is honorably regarded as one of the most prominent and skilled in rap and hip-hop music. Initially, she was a member of the Busta Rhymes-led Flipmode Squad. In 2007, she decided to get over this group and eventually joined Dirty Harriet LP.

Foxy Brown
If we leave aside the raunchy lyrics, we cannot deny the important contribution Foxy made to hits such as "I Shot Ya" and Jay-Z's "Ain't No N***a". Without Brown on the move, these numbers would not have been the same.

Lil Kim
The impact that Kim has had on rap music cannot be overshadowed by her dirty mouth. Her contribution is unquestionable. Her debut CD, "Hard core", turned out to be a double-platinum merchandise. And who can forget 'The Naked Truth'?

I hope my selections have reconciled with that of yours. However, if you still feel that anyone has been left out of this list, then take the freedom to bring her forth via the comment box. Cheers!