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Best Acoustic Guitar Brands

Best Acoustic Guitar Brands
Yamaha has been the choice for beginners and pros alike, when it comes to acoustic guitars, followed closely by Takamine. But very few brands match the quality of Martin, Gibson, or Taylor. Read the full review below.
Stephen Rampur
There's only a certain distance that learning can take you. If you don't have the perfect instrument to apply it, your music won't sound as good as it should be. Therefore, to help you out with the instrument, I've created a list of the best brands of acoustic guitars out there.

Choosing from the Best Guitar

If you happen to take a look at the musical instrument shops today, you will surely be surprised to see the variety of guitar brands and models available.

It is suggested that you buy an inexpensive model with a good tone, learn on it, and then only go ahead and get a top-notch model.

There is a wide range of good sounding models manufactured by companies like Yamaha, Ibanez, etc.

Top Acoustic Guitar Brands

1. Yamaha
Most Popular Model: FG 730S
Best Affordable Model: FG 335 (~USD 300)

Yamaha guitars are by far some of the best affordable and great sounding
instruments that you'll come across. The finish, the wood, and the tone - everything is well taken care of. Everything is always produced with the least cost of production, yet of high quality. As already mentioned, Yamaha guitars, especially the FG 730S, is preferred by a lot of professional guitarists, and recommended to a lot of beginners because of its price.
Other excellent options from Yamaha include the A1M and the A3R.

Most Popular Model: GS330S Solid Top
Best Affordable Model: G340 Dreadnought (~USD 249)

Takamine has always been a proud maker of one of the most diverse range of acoustic guitars, without any loose quality check on even their cheaper guitars. Takamine guitars aren't high on visual pleasure; they rather concentrate on sound alone. That's one big reason why they can afford to make such amazingly sounding guitars at such low prices. If your priority is sound above design, then you're looking at the right brand.
Takamine also specializes in nylon and steel stringed acoustic guitars.

C.F. Martin & Company
Most Popular Model: D-28 Dreadnought
Best Affordable Model: Custom D Classic (~USD 1,200)

Simply referred to as Martin guitars, models from this company are usually preferred by top-class guitarists. However, as of now, the company is offering models with low prices as well, which is good news for guitar novices. Acoustics from Martin are no doubt the best sounding and most expensive instruments on the planet.

Most Popular Model: J-45 Standard
Another Popular ModelHummingbird Artist

This is one of the most reputed name on the music scene. Their acoustic guitars have an ultra-high quality of sound, but they come at a high price. There are some affordable models for intermediate guitarists though. Simply put, if price is of no concern and quality and brand name are of the highest priority, then it's a call between Gibson and Martin. They are both legendary names and offer guitars made to perfection.

Most Popular Model: Baby Spruce
Best Affordable Model: Baby Mahogany (~USD 350)

Taylor guitars provide an exceptional sound quality, along with great looks and a clean finish. The sound deepens faster with age than a few other brands, and it just keeps getting richer with time.

Most Popular Model: V70CE
Best Affordable ModelSage SGT 120 (~USD 260)

Ibanez is considered to be one of the best-selling electric and bass guitar brands. However, this in no way means that it falls behind in the acoustics. The V series has become really famous among beginner guitarists, making it one of the best acoustic brands for beginners.

Most Popular Model: LSJ749 Dreadnought
Best Affordable Model: WD100DL Dreadnought (~USD 250)

Started in Chicago just off Maxwell street, Washburn Guitars' history is steeped in blues music. And their guitars are best for that. A name that started making guitars in 1883 will certainly know quite a bit about making the best ones.

Most Popular Model: The Original S6
Best Affordable Model: 
S6 Entourage (~USD 350)

Last but not the least, is a Canadian company named Seagull. It produces hand-crafted acoustic guitars, especially targeted for professional musicians. The S6 for example, is built to stay in tune throughout a long performance, no matter the style of playing.

Note that the above mentioned brands are not listed according to formal ranking. While buying an acoustic guitar, take along a proficient guitarist to the shop and let him choose a good guitar for you.
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