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What is the Difference Between Acoustic and Digital Piano?

Here is a small guide elaborating the basic differences between acoustic and digital piano.
Daniel Cooper Mar 6, 2019
It's a long debate similar to "which one come first, egg or chicken" [I think they both came at the same time...!! ].

As we all know that acoustic pianos are the real standard of pianos. They have been on the market for a very long time. But digital pianos came very late and gained much more popularity compared to the acoustic ones.

So, What's the Real Difference?

1. Sound

No doubt acoustic pianos provide an excellent sound, and is unmatched when compared to digital keyboards.

(Acoustic - 1, Digital - 0)

2. Price

The price of acoustic pianos are way more than digital keyboards. The minimum cost of acoustic pianos starts with $1000.

Whereas a decent digital piano  cost starts with budget of $200. You can also go under this and even get something under $100.

(Acoustic - 1, Digital Piano - 1)

3. Weighted Keys

Acoustic pianos come with preloaded weighted hammer action keys whereas digital keyboard lacks this.

But don't worry, some good digital pianos offers weighted hammer action keys to provide the best feel possible.

(Acoustic - 2, Digital - 1)

4. Portability

Its a clear win for digital keyboards when it comes to portability. Acoustic Pianos are very large and moving them is seriously a pain.

Whereas digital keyboards are very much portable. You can take them wherever you want.

(Acoustic - 2, Digital - 2)

5. Functionality

There are so many functions that these keyboards provide and is unbeatable in terms of functionality.

They provide features like split function, layer options, polyphonic, other instruments sounds like of drums, guitars, MIDI connectivity and the list can go on but I think you got the point.

(Acoustic - 2, Digital - 3)