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Top 10 Eminem Songs

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Jun 30, 2019
It is hard to decide which top songs by Eminem should feature in the top 10 list. He mesmerizes millions with his presence, his rapping makes everyone crazy. All his work is amazing and trying to pick the best is difficult. Here is an attempt.
Released in 2002, Eminem's Lose Yourself is still the only rap song to win an Oscar for best Original Song and the most commercially successful Oscar winning tune.
Marshall Bruce Mathers III, best known by his stage name "Eminem" is an American rap artist, record producer and film actor. Regarded as one of the best rappers in the world, Eminem has his own style when it comes to music. His lyrics usually depict his troubled childhood, his life struggles with drugs, loneliness and the failures of the government.
His albums are usually panned by critics as they contain foul language and violent content, but this hasn't stopped him from becoming a global phenomenon. Eminem attained mainstream success in the 90s with his greatest hit single The Real Slim Shady.
Always considered to be a controversial rapper, he has been the center of attention for all the wrong reasons but is still regarded by many fellow rappers as one of the best in the field. So all you Eminem fans, let's have a look at some of his best songs.

Lose Yourself

  • Release: 2002
  • Written By: Eminem, Luis Resto and Jeff Bass
  • Album: 8 Mile
The soundtrack from the 8 Mile is an anthem for every underdog or someone who wants to be something in life. Lose yourself was 1st Eminem track to capture #1 spot on US Billboard single charts. It was one of the most downloaded tracks, reaching 2 million. Lose yourself is #1 in the list.


  • Release: 1999
  • Written By: Eminem, Dido Armstrong, Paul Herman
  • Album: The Marshall Mathers LP
Hear Stan to know why Eminem is worshipped. It raises sympathy eyebrows without raising his voice. Dido's Thank You plays in background while Eminem raps awesome words. It is called Eminem's best work, won him great praise. It is an admirer's madness for his idol.

When I'm Gone

  • Release: 2005
  • Written By: Eminem and Luis Resto
  • Album: Curtain Call: The Hits
Eminem came back to being emotional with this song. This song is his heart out to us. He reveals his personal demons, his failed marriage, his long absence from the music scene and how all this affects his daughter Hallie, in this song.
When I'm Gone is Eminem's heart bleeding, he has once again sought inspiration from within and tries to imagine the loneliness that surrounds his daughter (Hallie) in the absence of her parents.

Cleaning Out My Closet

  • Release: 2002
  • Written By: Eminem and Jeff Bass
  • Album: The Eminem Show
Usually, his songs have a deeper meaning than an average rap song and there is always something to look out for in his lyrics. After his father walked out, Eminem had a harrowing upbringing at the hands of a single mother who was a drug addict.
Over the years he cursed everyone who has been remotely connected to his life including his mother. In this song, he is apologizing to her for using such harsh words, he was just trying to tell his story and not humiliate anyone.


  • Release: 2005
  • Written By: Eminem and Luis Resto
  • Album: Encore
If you have been a keen observer of Eminem's music, you might know the one thing he can't handle is relationships. He always feels that he never gave enough time to his daughter, and how his broken marriage and substance abuse problems have affected his little one's life.
He knows what it is like to grow up without a father and he doesn't want his daughter to face the same experience. He is trying to be there as much as he can for her but his work commitments always keep him on the road.

The Real Slim Shady

  • Release: 2000
  • Written By: Eminem, Dr. Dre and Tommy Coster
  • Album: The Marshall Mathers LP
The song that made Eminem what he is today! This was a highly requested song on every radio station and made Eminem a household name. It is pretty easy to sing and just impossible to forget.
In Slim Shady he has taken a friendly jab on every music artist. A great Eminem song, it also has Kathy Griffin making a friendly appearance. The Real Slim Shady won an MTV Video Award and a Grammy and is regarded a classic rap song.

Sing for the Moment

  • Release: 2003
  • Written By: Eminem, Steven Tyler, Jake Bass, and Luis Resto
  • Album: The Eminem Show
Taken from Aerosmith's book of songs, Eminem gave it a new definition with Joe Perry's guitar strokes and the voice of Steven Tyler. No one could have done it better than Eminem. A great combination of Rap and Rock, Sing for the Moment defines all moods.

No Love

  • Release: 2010
  • Written By: Eminem, Lil Wayne and Justice Smith
  • Album: Recovery
Though Lil Wayne and Eminem have worked together with Drake and Kanye West on "Forever", No Love is the first song where the duo sings together. The song is about standing against bullying and teaching bullies a lesson.
The video shows a victim getting bullied and getting beaten up. Eminem and Lil Wayne spin magic with lyrics and music and motivate the boy to fight back with all he's got and earn respect.

Like Toy Soldiers

  • Release: 2005
  • Written By: Eminem, Luis Resto and M. Dawson
  • Album: Encore
Perhaps the only song where Eminem is playing a mediator between rappers who sling insults at each other with their songs. Slim Shady compares them to toy soldiers who are being controlled by record companies that gain leverage with their feuds.
The video also mentions rap legends such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, Big L and Bugz as examples and victims of violence in the music industry. Eminem also curses Ja Rule because, for mentioning Hailie's name in an offensive manner.

The Way I Am

  • Release: 2000
  • Written By: Eminem, Dr. Dre
  • Album: The Marshall Mathers LP
He hasn't targeted or insulted any one, defending his right to survive as an unapologetic, foul mouthed, lyrically equipped rap artist who can't stand boy-bands. Most critics think it's a monotonous song with no soul, but his admirers were happy to see their idol back with vengeance.

Other Great Songs by Eminem

Eminem is one of the best selling rappers in the history of rap music. Since his debut in 1996, he has never looked back. Winning 13 Grammy awards and an Oscar has made him a household name all across the globe. Listing only 10 Eminem songs doesn't do justice to him, hence here are some more amazing tracks.
  • Remember Me ~ Eminem feat. RBX & Sticky Fingaz
  • Stay Wide Awake
  • Rock Bottom
  • Role Model
  • Yellow Brick Road
  • Just Lose It
  • Beautiful
  • Superman ~ Eminem feat. Dina Rae
  • Just Don't Give a F**k
  • Hailie's Song
  • We As Americans
  • B***h Please II ~ Eminem feat. Dr. Dre, Nate Dogg, Snoop Dogg & Xzibit
  • Guilty Conscience
  • White America
  • Kim
  • Space Bound
  • W.T.P
  • Cinderella Man
  • Won't Back Down ~ Eminem feat. Pink
  • Puke
  • Love The Way You Lie ~ Eminem feat. Rihanna
  • Not Afraid
  • Under the Influence ~ Eminem feat. D12
Music lovers call his talent incomparable and many music magazines have called him the best rapper of the generation. Millions flock to venues where his concerts are held and every major music festival is considered incomplete if he is not performing in it. This was a small tribute to this man's greatness, hope you enjoyed reading it.