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Wonderful Tips on Writing a Love Song to Mesmerize Your Beloved

Tips on Writing a Love Song
Can't find the right song to play on your special date for your special someone? Why not write one yourself? Nothing beats the feeling of your love singing to you something he/she wrote especially for you! Find out here how to woo your partner with a love song.
Mrunal Belvalkar
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Enjoying a campfire song
Love - almost everything we say, hear and read about this magical feeling sounds true to us at some point of time in our lives. Everybody falls in love, from the guys in riches to those in rags, from the most beautiful to the most simple looking girl. Love is for everyone.
It comes out from around the corner, it beckons like a small child, and soon you are too attached to the child; you just can't abandon it, you just can't let go! But ask someone to express his/her feelings for his/her love, and we are befuddled!
Voice cracking, throat drying up, concussion, something's stuck in your wind-pipe, you just lost all your vocab! It happens to the best of us - the most talkative ones, the most outspoken ones, the bold ones.
Then, we look around for songs, greeting cards, that would explain what you feel. But all fail to hit the bull's eye. But you know what? The next best thing to someone coming and telling you how much they love you is someone writing a song for you and singing it out to you!
Music has never failed to tug at man's heart-strings. There is a reason why girls melt when they hear Bryan Adams say 'Everything I Do, I Do It For You' and a reason why a guy knows she is the one for him when he hears Norah Jones asking him to 'Come Away With Me'...
There is a Song for Every Time!
Singing in the park
Being in a relationship is like a roller-coaster ride; no day is the same! Everyday is a new adventure, a new feeling... and if it doesn't feel that way, act fast! Writing a song for someone to express your love for him/her is something that is really special, and that is sure going to earn you brownie points!
But you cannot possibly commit your undying love forevermore and for always on the very first date! Every occasion calls for a special kind of song, they can NOT all be the same! So if you have decided to write a song for your love, plan properly as to when and how you want to sing or recite him/her the song.
Here are a few occasions that call for a nice, romantic, mushy love song, and how to go about writing one to that effect! (NOTE: For every occasion, we have quoted a song that may act as an inspiration when you sit down to write your own.)
A Song For...
The First Date...
Romantic dinner
So you got to know each other, and now you are going on your first big date. It's a fancy restaurant with a live band. You order the food, pop the champagne bottle open and have yourselves a good time and a good conversation.
Now would be the time to excuse yourself and get up and walk up to the band casually and... sing a song! First dates are about first everythings - your first time together, the first dance, probably also the first kiss! And all 'firsts' in life are always very very special!
Someday when I'm awfully low, and the world is cold... I will feel a glow just thinking of you, and the way you look tonight...
- Tony Bennett (The Way You Look Tonight)
The best kind of song to write for a first date would be one that compliments your girlfriend's beauty. Tell her how she looks like a dream, how she had your heart stop and then start racing when you laid eyes on her. Praise her eyes, notice her laugh, show her you have been observing her more keenly than she really thought!
Surprise her with small things she never thought you would notice... Does she rub her neck when she is embarrassed? Does she play with her hair if she is nervous? Does she blink rapidly when listening to you? Tell her you find all of it adorable and most importantly that you have been noticing it.
Do not sing a song on your very first date! Singing a song for your beloved is more a man thing... It is chivalrous. Besides, you do not want to sing a song for someone who is probably not going to even call you the next day!
Enjoy the first date and take it as a chance, an opportunity to know the guy. If your date sings a song to you on the first date, you have found yourself a man who is a die-hard romantic! Now you can plan to write a song for your future times together...
Your Anniversary...
Smiling mature couple
Usually the six-month mark is celebrated by a lot of couples. Six months down the line you come to know partner better. You find out about his/her good things and bad. You find out about your beloved's life and come to know what kind of a person he/she is.
You get past the initial attraction and come to know your guy/girl at a deeper level. And you realize you are being pulled in...

Love will remain a mystery, but give me your hand and you will see - your heart is keeping time with me...
- Aqualung (Brighter Than Sunshine)
Do not be afraid to declare you are being pulled in! If your girl is coming to mean more to you than anyone ever has, say it through the song! If you are not sure whether you love her yet or not, you needn't say words to that effect. But do not hesitate to tell her she has come to occupy a special place in your heart, in your life.
Let her know that even with a best bud, with your boys, even with all the people there are in your life, she is still irreplaceable, unique, someone you need, and someone who will always hold a place in your life that no one can.
Do not go overboard and think you are in love! Take your time to fully and completely realize your feelings, and express them exactly the way you feel them. Rather than telling your guy what he means to you, tell him instead how he makes you feel.
When we direct our feelings onto the guys, we tend to go down hook-line-sinker and say things that are probably exaggerated and a tad untrue. But describing in your song how you guy makes YOU feel would be a good way to NOT lose focus.
Your First Night Together...
Male pianist with female
Spending a night together is a big step ahead in your relationship. Physical attraction cannot and should not be neglected or suppressed.
Like Cameron Diaz says in The Holiday - 'Sex makes everything complicated. Even not having it, because the not having it makes it complicated.'
You have both taken the decision, but seriously, it does make things complicated. So there may be some point when you both have your doubts.

I wanna dig down deep, I wanna lose some sleep... I wanna scream and shout... I wanna know you inside out...
- Bryan Adams (Inside Out)
Do not pounce on your girl! She may have agreed because she loves you so much, but deep down she may be in fact quite nervous about being with you. Give her time to open up, and help her unravel her mind and heart to you. Let her bloom like a rose in your arms. MAKE her bloom through the words of your song.
Tell her how much you have been looking forward to this moment. But even as you tell her about your desire, let it not sound like you are simply lusting her. Your song, and the lyrics of it, should sound absolutely sincere, and yet equally bold.
Lose your inhibitions, and trust your judgment! There must have been some reason, some signal that made you go for it in the first place right? Do away with your shyness and show your different side! Have you heard Shakira's 'Hey You'? Remember what she says? 'I'd like to be the owner of the zipper on your jeans, and the thing that makes you happy'!
Your guy has waited a long time, and has given you a good time; it's time to reward him with words and deeds! Do not hesitate to sound cheesy or corny! Corny is good, cheesy is alluring, and you are going to LOVE letting yourself go!
Couple on romantic date
With your heart set on your partner, a song is the best way to propose! If you are not sure you are going to be able to keep calm and sing it out, you can record your voice and play the song for your beloved when he/she arrives.
Imagine your love walking in upon an empty room, with the walls singing out to him/her; and then you just come and hug him/her... Awww...!

The time we spent apart will make our love grow stronger, but it hurt so bad I can't take it any longer... I wanna grow old with you...
- Westlife (I Wanna Grow Old With You)
This is it! No matter what kind of a girl you are dating - shy, bold, out-spoken, sensitive, coy - her guy proposing her is a very special moment of EVERY girl's life! Make sure your song makes her feel just that - special and cherished.
This would be the occasion to use words like 'forever and for always', 'till death do us part', 'till the end of forever' and so on... Sounds dramatic? Make it! Let her know how much you have been waiting for someone to walk in and take that position in your life which she has come to. Pour your heart out in words and in your eyes, and make her melt inside!
Make your man feel all the love you have been keeping to yourself. Let him know how much you love him, let him know you want to spend a lifetime with him. Make him feel like he is your hero, your knight in shining armor on a white horse!
Show how much you need him, and how your life would be incomplete without him. Ask him to love you... What man would want to leave you if you said 'Love me tender, love me true, never let me go...'?
Over the Years
Lovely Couple
After the new excitement of a relationship has fizzed out, your love for your partner settles down into something more stable and comfortable, something that just grows stronger and deeper as the days go by.
You finally come to a point where love becomes like the air you breathe - it may not be conspicuous, but it is critical to survive!

One thing you can be sure of - I'll never ask for more than your love...
- Glenn Medeiros (Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You)
Sometimes couples simply forget how much they love each other, and writing a song for your partner would be a great way to rekindle the romance. Such songs usually should ring with a note of celebration, fulfillment, and contentedness.
Choose words to the effect of saying how your love for your partner feels like coming home after a long tired day, how much it has grown over the years, how much it has run to your rescue during times of trials, and how you could not have and would not have had it any other way...
A famous quote goes - 'The problem with life is there is no background music!' DO not let that happen to your love life. Find the occasions to celebrate, and when there is celebration, there is music, and there are songs... And what could be better than to write your own lyrics to the melody of your own life? We wish you happy times ahead!