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The Top 10 Most Popular Skrillex Songs of All Time

The Top 10 Most Popular Skrillex Songs of All Time

Skrillex is much unlike any other producer of dubstep music; he is a phenomenon, who has catapulted to fame at an unbelievable rate, thanks to YouTube and other portals of online media sharing. It was difficult for avid fans like us to narrow down the list of best Skrillex songs to just 10, but we have done our best.
Padmini Krishna
Did You Know?
An animated character modeled after Skrillex was included as a cameo in the Disney movie, Wreck-It Ralph, which released in 2012, and the artist himself considers this to be a privilege paralleling, if not greater than, the Grammy Awards he has won.
It didn't take Sonny John Moore, better known to the world as Skrillex, too long to become a global sensation. He produces electronic dance music (or EDM, as the genre is known), and is especially recognized for his contribution to dubstep, a sub-genre of EDM that involves manipulating parameters of extended bass notes, and is hugely popular in mainstream culture today. In his music, he has largely made use of a technique called the 'dropping of bass', a self-explanatory term to aficionados of EDM.

He has truly distinguished himself in these times, when even music piracy has been rendered defunct because of artists' tendency to self-publish their music on their SoundCloud and YouTube pages. He too tread the same path in the beginning; he released his first album on his MySpace page in 2009. Yet, quite soon, he achieved overwhelming online success, which led him to opportunities to play at clubs, some of which could host more than 6000 people, and had pyrotechnic facilities in DJ booths. These were gigs through which he easily began to earn US $100,000 a show.

Eventually, he was signed by progressive-house artist Deadmau5's record label, Mau5trap. Then, of course, followed his nationwide tours, along with Deadmau5, which gave him great exposure and strengthened his growing fan-following. Recently in March 2014, he has released his first proper album, Recess, which was interestingly made available to fans via an app called Alien Ride for a limited time. This album is considered his "debut" although he is far from a new name to the dance music industry.
10 Most Popular Skrillex Songs
Skrillex's discography does not just comprise his own tracks, but also of remixes of other artists' popular songs, and tracks where other artists are featured. As die-hard fans ourselves, we have made a comprehensive list of the 10 best Skrillex songs of all time, taking into account every single song that he has ever been a part of.
10. Rock N' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain)
This track is one of Skrillex's first groundbreaking songs, where he completely altered the rules of contemporary 'rock and roll' (which, for the generation Y, is electronic dance music). This song, which is from his phenomenally successful Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites EP, his second album, features the bass drop that he is so well-known for. This song also has a music video, which was published for the first time by the artist himself on his YouTube page.
9. Recess (feat. Kill the Noise, Fatman Scoop, and Michael Angelakos)
Part of the latest Skrillex album of the same name, Recess LP, this song was made available for download since March 2014, and has already been remixed by other popular dubstep titans, like Flux Pavilion, Milo and Otis, and Valentino Khan. In this track, Skrillex has collaborated with Fatman Scoop, and the lead singer of the band Passion Pit, Michael Angelakos. The track has peaked at the 6th position on the Bubbling Under Hot 100 Singles chart, by Billboard Magazine.
8. Kyoto
The music of the number, Kyoto brings to mind danger, gun violence, rap, and other such similar images, thanks to its hip hop, and metal influences characterized by distorted guitar rhythms. This track is notably different from other trademark Skrillex songs, but still combines in it classic Skrillex elements, like bass, electro-house, and dubstep. It also features the Grammy-award winning rapper from L.A., Sirah.
7. REMIX of Nero - Promises
The song, Promises, by the British trio, Nero, was an instant chart-topper in the UK right from the day it released, and that was bound to happen, seeing that it is charged with bass and thump. It is hard to imagine that by working his magic on this song, Skrillex could change its whole vision. The remix version has the artist's signature explosive bass, in conjunction with Nero's bare vocals, and can turn around the atmosphere of the club it is being played in, by 180°.
6. REMIX of Avicii - Levels
The track, Levels, by Avicii, by itself, is the work of a prodigy, and is sort of a classic in today's electronic music scene. It takes a true genius to take an already brilliant song and make it completely mind-blowing. And yet, Skrillex's version of Avicii's levels truly does take things to a different level.
5. Summit (with Ellie Goulding)
A popular song from the Bangarang EP, this song features vocals by the talented and beautiful artist, Ellie Goulding, who was also reported to be Skrillex's (now, ex-) girlfriend back then, by the Rolling Stones magazine. With beautiful lyrics, this duet reveals the softer, romantic side of the dubstep wizard.
4. REMIX of Benny Benassi - Cinema (feat. Gary Go)
This remixed version of the popular song by Italian DJ Benny Benassi has made the artist a proud winner of the Grammy Award for the Best Remixed Recording, in 2012, and is one of our absolute favorites. The remixed version was featured in the video game, Forza Horizon, and also in a promo of the WWE Network.
3. Bangarang (feat. Sirah)
This popular song has a very catchy, old school tune to it, and was a part of Skrillex's fourth EP, which has the same name. This song also features chopped-up rap vocals from the guest artist, Sirah. Interestingly, this track has been featured in the trailer of the Hollywood movie, The Watch (2012), and more recently in the trailer of the video game, Sonic Boom.
2. First of The Year (Equinox)
The track begins with an ominous, creepy build-up before it plunges headlong into the dubstep variations. The video for this song is also equally spooky. In it, a pedophile gets the shock of his life when the child he thought of making his prey electrocutes him with its telekinetic powers. Sounds scary? This song and its video have the power to give the bravest of viewers nightmares. Like with all thrilling new concepts, this song also attracted a lot of critical acclaim, and brought the artist an MTV Video Music Award for the Best Visual Effects in a Video in 2012. It was also nominated for a Grammy award in the same year.
1. Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites
The most commercially successful Skrillex song till date, Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites is a very popular song, and has been featured in the Hollywood movie, Spring Breakers, (2012), a commercial for GoPro, and two video games; MLB 2K12, and Ridge Racer Unbounded. But the biggest laurel it brought the artist, undoubtedly, is the Grammy Award for the Best Dance Recording, in 2012. A song that contains a cheerful, hope-inducing melody, classic dubstep beats, and timely vocals in it, this critically acclaimed track is definitely Skrillex's all-time best work.
It pains us that this list is too short to include a number of our other favorites, which we feel belong here too. Some of the tracks that we cannot resist mentioning are:
  • Kill Everybody
  • Try it Out (with Alvin Risk)
  • REMIX of Lady Gaga - Alejandro
  • REMIX of La Roux - In For the Kill
  • My Name is Skrillex
  • Breakn' a Sweat (with The Doors)
As readers, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you feel another song deserves an honorable mention in this list.