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The Beatles - A Strong Impact

What made "The Beatles" so popular and influential? Was it their music or the lyrics or their personality?
Claudia Miclaus May 13, 2019
If you ever attempted to form a band or if you maybe were a member in a band, then you'll know that it takes long hours of rehearsals before a song sounds the way it should. But even so, how long the members of the band will stick together is hard to tell.
Many times outside influences will strengthen the bond between them but when negative things happen, the harmony is broken, and things finally come to an end.
As you might already know, The Beatles had 4 members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Stuart Sutcliffe, and Pete Best. These four teenagers started their music career in Liverpool (England) playing rock music.
Their first notable success was in Hamburg, Germany. Two years later they were discovered by a record store manager named Brian Epstein (EMI records). George Martin, the producer from EMI records at the time, broke the ice lending their first record spot. It was a well prepared moment preceded by a lot of work and tremendous efforts from the singers.
After that they made England fall in love with them. "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", made the Americans their die-hard fans. The "American Beatles-mania" started in 1964 on the Ed Sullivan Show when this song simply charmed the Americans. Due to television broadcasts, The Beatles' popularity increased unbelievably  not only in USA, but all over the world.
Their songs seemed to reflect the feelings in people's souls at the time. The new idyllic and fresh elements did catch the imagination of that generation. Songs like "Imagine" speaks about an ideal world without barriers of religion - actually without religion - and no race or concepts of discrimination is reflective of many people's inner wish of freedom.
"Imagine all the people living for today...living life in peace" indeed that triggers imagination, in our fantasy we dare imagine something like that. All the people living life in peace...a high desideratum, who can accomplish that? Wouldn't that be wonderful? Interestingly enough it is what God wants...however they seem to want God out of the equation...
At any rate, coming back to their evolution, their songs and albums started their pathway to success reaching the number one spot 15 times. What's more, for 30 years they successfully managed to stay in the public's preferences, although the band broke up after just 6 years of collaboration.
Once again, what was that made them so distinctive? How come no other band equalled their success?
Might have been for the fresh breath of hope expressed through their songs was really liked by the people.
"Hope never dies" as the good old proverb says, and it is maybe a fresh, renewed hope that they transmitted through their songs that made the public love them. The Beatles made British rock and roll famous all over the world.
They influenced the people not only in their musical preferences but also in the way they dressed. They transmitted all there was to share through their music and lyrics.
After the band split, the artists continued their careers separately but without the accomplishments they had as a band. John Lennon broke his fans' hearts with his tragic death but the other "Beatles" so to speak, are still performing in the music field.
Maybe they reached their peak and they stopped there, remaining on top over the years. It is in a way the most preferable if you think about it: they were loved and remained this way although it was painful for their fans when they heard about The Beatles splitting.
All who loved them and all who learn to love them today can admire their career that flourished and ended in full success with songs that did not lose their meaningful messages in the passing of time.