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Songwriting Ideas

Omkar Phatak Jun 9, 2019
Songwriting cannot be taught for sure. It works through inner inspiration. All the same, we provide you with some ideas that may ignite the spark in you.
Writing poems and songs is the most subtle of literary forms of expression, which requires a good understanding of language and music. Songwriting, as a creative process has no set procedure as such. The song you are going to write is already within you, waiting there to be expressed.
All you need to do is feel from inside and put it into words. If it has so happened that you have fallen into a songwriter's block, some of the creative ideas presented in theĀ further lines will help you out.

Creative Ideas

It is essential that you set yourself into a creative mode of mind. Find a nice place to sit and write. The reservoir of creativity and experience within you needs to be enriched and your mind needs to be in a responsive state, to be able to write a song, which says what you want to say, in an elegant manner.
Most composers and singers tend to be songwriters too; writing their own songs. It would be instructive to study the creative pieces of great songwriters. See how they have achieved an elegant balance of rhyme, meter, and inherent meaning through the song.
The best way to learn, is by beginning to write one. Here are some ideas in the form of themes that you could explore through your words. It goes without saying that you have to take care of the meter and rhyme. Depending on what genre of music you are writing, the themes and the meter of composition will change.
Life and Everything That It Offers
What can be a greater inspiration for writing a song than your life itself? There are some experiences which you go through, as you sail through the ocean of life, ranging from inspiration, exaltation, sorrow, boredom, and pure joy, which you can put into words.
A song that people can relate to is the one which is borne from your real life experience. Look around you and put into words, what you intensely feel about.
Song Stories
One great way of writing a song, is to tell a story through it, like a ballad. You can write a story first and then try to put it into a song. It could be any human story or even your story put into words. One example of such a 'song story' is Sk8er Boi by Avril Lavigne, which is just a story told through a song.
Love and Longing
The greatest and perhaps the theme with the most abundant number of songs is love and longing. Still, the subject of love is such, that it can never be exhausted entirely. If you have ever fallen in love, you know the feeling and all you have to do is put it into words. One example of a love song is 'My Heart Will Go On' by Celine Dion.
Nature's Splendor
Some of the greatest songs have been inspired by the sheer beauty of nature. An example is 'What a Beautiful World' by Louis Armstrong. Just go for a hike or sit by a lake and experience nature in all its glory and words will flow unabashedly and swiftly out of your pen onto a paper.
Subtlety of expression is one of the most important features that mark great songwriters. Feel deeply from within and put yourself into a frame of mind, where you are intensely feeling the emotion you want to put into words. If you can do that, words will flow easily out of you.
By selecting the appropriate meter and rhyming scheme for your song, you make the composer's job easier, who will then adorn your words with the right tune, which brings out its inherent message.