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Songs for Best Friends

Songs for Best Friends
There's nothing like a song with all the right words to express one's feelings, and friendship is a true testament to that. Whether you're singing one along with your bestie, or trying to remember him/her when they are far away, or even mad at them, there will be at least one song that will fit the bill.
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018
It's really tough to survive without the support of friends. You share happiness and sorrow with your friends. Your friends celebrate your accomplishments and support you through your failures. Of the many friends we have in life, there is one friend who remains close to your heart. This one friend is your best friend who holds your secrets, deep in his heart. You never shy away from discussing your problems and worries with your best friend as he/she will understand you better than any soul on earth.
You can celebrate your friendship with songs for best friends, as they have a message to send through their musical notes. Songs are a great way to thank your friend for being there when you needed him/her the most. You can send along a CD containing these songs with personalized gifts for a best friend.
Cute Songs About Friendship
  • The Tweenies - Best Friends
  • Darryl Worley - I Miss My Friend
  • Mariah Carey - Anytime You Need a Friend
  • The Rembrandts - I'll Be There For You
  • Rod Stewart - That's What Friends Are For
  • Randy Newman - You've Got a Friend in Me
  • The Carpenters - Good Friends Are For Keeps
  • Queen - You're My Best Friend 
  • The Beatles - With a Little Help From my Friends
  • Tim McGraw - My Best Friend
Country Songs on Friendship
Clay Walker - 'Fall'
Van Zant - 'Help Somebody'
George Strait - 'You'll Be There'
Tim McGraw - 'Live Like You Were Dying'
Diamond Rio - 'Meet In The Middle'
Lee Ann Womack - 'I Hope You Dance'
Rascal Flatts - 'Me and My Gang'
Garth Brooks - 'Friends in Low Places'
Reba McEntire - 'I'll Be'
Tracy Lawrence - 'Find Out Who Your Friends Are'
Carol King - 'You've Got a Friend'
Songs for Best Friends Moving Away

Geoff Moore - 'A Friend Like You'
LaRue - 'Always Be'
Barney - 'I Love You'
Elvis Presley - 'Let Me Be There'
Miley Cyrus - 'True Friend'
Everything but the Girl - 'Old Friend'
Beth Fox - 'You Will Always be My Friend'
Raze - 'Always And Forever'
Brandy - 'Best Friend'
S CLUB - 'Best Friend'
Bette Midler - 'Friends'
Queen - 'Friends Will Be Friends'
Squirrel Nut Zippers - 'Meant to Be'
These were a few good songs for best friends that will help you strengthen your friendship for life. True friends are very rare to find. If you are lucky to have a true best friend, cherish him/her for life. Best friends stand by you through thick and thin. So go ahead, sing them a song and enjoy their company forever.