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Song Lyric Search

Neil Valentine D'Silva May 13, 2019
Song lyric searches have become so very easy now with so many websites providing music lyrics coming up all the time. Here's a lowdown on what song lyrics searches actually are.
Searching for song lyrics is something all of us do quite often. Once we like a song, we need to get the lyrics right. There's no problem if it is a slow tune, the lyrics sit on the tongue fast; but if you have a real tongue-twister like Timbaland's 'The Way I Are', you need to do some homework before you hum it properly. Song lyrics search engines help.
Lyric searches are not done just by karaoke freaks. There are language classes that make students listen to tunes, and sing along to get the feel of the language. Many popular songs have become almost the staple of these language classes. The common routine is to have the song play on tape, and a sheet containing the lyrics is passed on to the students.
If you check on any song lyric search engine presently, you will see that they are inundated with search requests. These search engines are powered by some of the leading names in the business (Google, anyone?), and bring up the links containing the lyrics in a matter of nanoseconds.
Whether you are searching for a languorous tune from Louis Armstrong's times to something that belongs to the age of Rihanna, you get the results. Of course, you will find everything in between too.
Music search engines are big business. You will not only find the lyrics here, but a host of other things too. Like, you can buy CDs of the music, and sometimes at discounted prices. Makes for a good deal when you are searching for a somewhat old tune, and find that you can actually get a CD in just a couple of dollars.
Another attraction here is the videos. Many websites now include a YouTube video of the song. That means, you can play the song as you read the lyrics. Certainly, this is not peer to peer networking, and you will not get a big-sized video, but what you get is good enough.
There are such huge amounts of listings that it is mandatory to classify the tracks. Most common method to systemize the lyrics is alphabetically. We have two options―the tracks could be arranged alphabetically by the artist name, or the name of the single. The search engines will have different options from where you can search, including name of album.
Another popular way of classifying tracks is according to the era or the genre. If you know the kind of song you are searching for, it becomes easy to find it by genre, especially if your chosen artist has a lot of songs, or a song with the same name has been sung by a lot of artists.
Music lyric search websites are not infallible―they also have their mistakes. In fact, some of them have glaring mistakes in the lyrics. Typos are common in most amateur sites. So, you need to keep your eyes peeled. However, to their credit, they will never claim their lyrics are perfect.
They will, on the contrary, ask their readers to submit corrections. Some of the better ones will actually heed to the corrections and make the changes.
So, whether you are searching for a meaningful couplet to put in your next fiction novel, or if you are trying to regale your audiences with the latest partyhopping track, you can be sure of what you croon with the results of song lyric searches.
The whole exercise is as easy as making a simple Internet search. Make sure to get the lyrics from a couple of sources, though. In that way, you will be able to check if there are any obvious errors.