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Singing Tips for Beginners

Parashar Joshi Nov 18, 2018
If you are a singing enthusiast or someone who is new to serious singing, you may want to check out the following singing tips. These will not only lead you on to a great start, but will also help you in the long run.
Make no mistake, singing tips aren't something that are applicable only to beginners or youngsters or newcomers to singing.
Music is one such field wherein a singer (as well as a musician) forever remains a student. The day a singer or a musician starts feeling or behaving like a 'Mr. Knows-it-all', that's when he stops getting better at his art, and that's also when his decline as an artiste begins.
Here are a few singing tips that newcomers must make a 'note' of. Please Note: By 'beginners', do not necessarily mean just kids or children. The magic of melody is such, that it arouses interest in a person's mind at any time of his life. So the following apply to people of all ages, right from a 10-year-old girl to a retired grandfather.

Listen, Listen, Listen!

A singer should always listen to different styles of music, or to be precise, different styles of singing. Of course, every singer has his or her own personal favorites when it comes to singers, musicians, and genres of music.
However, broadening your horizon by listening to singers of different genres and from different regions of the world, is very important if you want to grow as a singer and develop a good ear for music. So regardless of what genre of singing you wish to specialize in, you should make it a point to listen to other genres as well.
For example, even if it is Opera that you wish to pursue, spend some time listening to a bit of pop, country, blues, gospel, and even rock music.


Sincerity and discipline are very, very important if you want to succeed as a singer. Today, the glamor quotient associated with the music industry is what is inspiring or 'motivating' many people to take an interest in this field.
Becoming famous, being a celebrity, making truckloads of money, etc., is what is drawing people to music and showbiz. While all of that certainly makes for one side of the coin, what most people don't realize is the tremendous hard work, determination, dedication, sincerity, and discipline that is required to reach that particular level.

Vocal Training

Vocal training is a must if you have serious aspirations of becoming a singer. Find a good vocal trainer in your area and begin with singing lessons and vocal training at the earliest. It makes you aware of how to use your vocal folds correctly, how to breathe while singing, how to tackle low notes and high notes, how to handle a microphone, etc.
Voice culture is another type of vocal training which focuses on the projection of voice, using your whole body as a musical instrument, making correct use of your diaphragm, voice modulation techniques, and much more.


Regular singing practice is a must, to succeed as a singer. For singing make correct use of your vocal folds, breath, diaphragm, and whole body. Vocal folds are soft membranous tissues which are controlled by muscles of the larynx.
Just as a table gathers dust if left unclean or unattended, similarly your vocal folds will also cease to function optimally if you do not engage them with regular singing practice. Even if you have a very busy schedule, you should make it a point to devote at least 30 minutes a day for vocal exercises, singing lessons, and general practice.

General Precautions

Always warm up your vocal folds before any serious singing session, concert, competition, or stage performance. Just as your body needs warming up before a gym workout, so do your vocal folds before a singing session. Directly jumping to high-pitched notes without warming up your vocal folds is very dangerous and can cause serious damage.
Never sing in a way which puts undue strain on your throat and your vocal folds. The right way of singing is when your voice flows through smoothly and effortlessly. Of course, this is something that you can achieve only through proper training, knowledge of voice culture, and regular practice of different vocal exercises.
These were some very basic tips for those who are new to this art. Always remember, a good voice is a direct Gift from God. Very few people in the world are blessed with one. So how successful a singer you eventually become, will entirely depend on how well you use your voice, how thoroughly you practice, and how sincere you are about it.