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Brilliant Tips for Rapping

Shashank Nakate Nov 18, 2018
The tips mentioned in this write-up would help in developing the different skills and techniques useful for rapping effectively.
The word 'rapping' or 'rap' which originally means 'to hit' is the art of delivering rhymes, poetry or simply wordplay in a rhythmic manner. This form of rhyming which is also known as emceeing is associated with hip hop music.
The art of rapping has its roots in Africa, and it existed long before the development of hip hop music, though in a different form. The 'Griots' of West Africa had mastered the art of delivering stories in a rhythmic manner. They used drums and other musical instruments while narrating these stories.
The following tips would help in developing the rapping skills and enable the artist to deliver a fine performance. These tips also include different methods to refine the technique.
♫ The first and foremost thing that one should consider before starting off is to develop his/her enunciation skills and learn to control the breath.

♫ It is important to listen to songs/music properly before you rap. Listen to the beats of the instruments carefully and feel the rhythm.
♫ In order to rap properly, one should try to practice saying the same number of syllables repeatedly within a certain time limit. It helps in honing the skills of singing rhythmically. It is however important to be easygoing and one shouldn't worry about mistakes being made, at least in the beginning.
♫ Maintaining the flow during rapping is also an important point to consider. Learning from your mistakes and adjusting the rhythm in the next lines after saying the previous line incorrectly are the skills that one learns with time. Whipping out a filler is also one of the tricks which could be used for such adjustments.
♫ One should think ahead of time while rapping. The activity of thinking about words that rhyme with the words at the end should be practiced.
♫ Writing the rap on your own helps in memorizing them. Writing helps in improving the freestyles and in working the simple words into clever lines. Writing a few multipurpose bars is a good idea as they come to the rescue if you get stuck.
♫ Listening to raps from different styles helps gaining knowledge and build a strong foundation for the future. Listen to as many styles as possible.

♫ Increasing the vocabulary always helps when it comes to rapping. Keep a thesaurus or dictionary along in order to enrich the vocabulary.
♫ One of the important rap writing tips is to simultaneously work on listing the rhyming words. Such lists help in getting quick ideas while rapping. Writing the chorus in the beginning and then thinking about the other lines of the verse is one of the techniques or tricks that rappers generally try to follow.
♫ Rappers try to mix verses which relate to the crowd or the audience they are rapping for. Some gifted rappers make up raps on the spot in duels. Iron Solomon, a rapper, in his duel with Saurus made the following lines, "Maybe you should have come here rocking a better flannel, Or at least some long pants, You should have checked the weather channel."
♫ The inclusion of metaphors and similes in the raps is a nice way to make them interesting and 'clever'. The experienced rappers are known to use the similes and metaphors effectively.

♫ Referencing the current events in raps make them interesting and pleasing to hear. You can immediately connect with the audience by making use of such tricks.
Practice is the key to master the art of freestyle rapping. Try to feel the music, expand the vocabulary, keep in touch with rapping regularly are some useful tips to rap. Controlling or taming the voice is also to consider when rapping.
This tips would help in making your verses interesting. Emphasis should be given on maintaining the flow of delivery, writing rhymes regularly and most importantly, understanding/feeling the rhythm to become a good rapper.