Piano Tuning Cost

Piano Tuning Cost
The average piano tuning cost depends on a number of reasons, like the duration since the last tuning and the expertise of the tuner. The cost of tuning changes accordingly. In this following Melodyful article, we will take you through the details of these varied factors.
There are several tuning services that are provided over the net. One can give details like the location and other specifications to find the closest professional.
Many people have a misconception that a piano does not need tuning. That is not true. A piano does require tuning, especially if it hasn't been played for a long period. However, unlike a guitar, a piano does not need frequent tuning. It is recommended that the piano be tuned two to three times in a year in order to maintain its standard tone, quality, and pitch.
When a piano is being tuned, it has to be tuned to a concert pitch, also known as A440 or standard pitch. Expert pianists recommend that a piano should only be tuned by a professional.
In the following sections of this Melodyful article, we will go into details about the cost of tuning a piano and the kind of factors that affect the same.

Why Tune a Piano?
There are many factors which have an adverse effect on the universal tuning of the piano. One of the main reasons is extreme atmospheric pressure that affects the tension on the strings, to begin with, and ultimately the piano music as well. If the weather is humid, the piano sound can turn to a sharper note; and if the atmosphere is dry, the tone of the piano turns flat. This then makes it important to tune the piano.

Factors that Affect the Price
The determinants of the final cost are:

The kind of services that are provided
The location where the services are being provided
The level of expertise and experience of the professional
The condition of the musical instrument

The cost differs from location to location, so you need to meet several piano tuners in your neighborhood to get the best price.

Professional Reputation
The cost would also depend on the reputation of the tuning expert. If he has a good record of tuning professional pianos, it is certain that he will charge more than the standard rates.

Service Provided
The cost of piano tuning also counts on the type of services that are provided. If the professional is charging very less for the tuning, he will do nothing more than just tuning the strings. On the other hand, those who charge more and provide quality services, will not only tune the strings, but also make sure that the notes can be pressed smoothly, the pedals are not making noise, or if there are things that need repairing and maintenance.

Condition of Instrument
Another important aspect that has a considerable impact on the price of tuning is the condition of the instrument. If the instrument has not been tuned for years, and there are many things that have to be taken care of, you will be charged accordingly. A tuning professional may even quote the price based on the time that he thinks he would require for doing the job and to bring your piano to life. He might even charge you according to how flat or how sharp the standard tone is.

Piano Tuning Cost
The basic piano tuning cost falls in the bracket of $75 to $125. This is undertaken in order to tune a piano to concert pitch. This cost is applicable for most pianos that are well maintained and used regularly.

For pianos that have not been tuned recently, the fee can go up to $125 and $180.

In addition to this rate, it can cost up to $50 to $55 more for pianos that are up to ¼ tone flat/sharp.

If your piano is between ¼ and ⅔ tone flat, then it will take 2 visits to tune your piano, and will drive the cost up by an additional $80-$100.

Considering all these factors, piano tuning prices can fall anywhere in between $100 to $200. Some professional piano technicians may even charge more than this.

Most people prefer to ask for referrals from piano dealers or music teachers in order to get the best services at a good price. Now that you have an idea of the kind of fee structure that you're looking into, you will be able to get your piano tuned without any problem.