A List of Beautiful Moving on Songs to Soothe Your Wearied Soul

Moving on Songs
Music was and always will be the best tool to get your emotions in order. Whether you're feeling down or up, angry or mellow, in or out of love, there's a song out there that's meant for you.
When you break up with someone or have a bad experience in life, the first few days are full of mixed feelings such as revenge, anger, hatred, and pessimism. But the tough part starts when you start living each day and those bad thoughts keep coming into your head no matter what you do. Moving on from a relationship that you really thought would work but didn't, is difficult at times. But when you've made your decision, you have to stick to it. Why lock yourself in a room watching romantic movies and gulping down tons of chocolate just to get over it? Listed below are some great motivational songs that will help you realize that life is indeed beautiful.
Songs That Girls Like
Your first instinct could be to desolate yourself and try to cut off all contact with the outside world. Although it sounds like a good idea, it usually isn't. Because the more time you spend away from the world, the more time you get to do nothing, but think about your relationships. Instead, let your trusted friends take care of you; go out with them and have as great a time as you can.
Tyrone ~ Erykah Badu

True Love Will Find You in the End ~ Beck

Goodbye To You ~ Scandal

My Happy Ending ~ Avril Lavigne

Believe ~ Cher

Leave (Get Out) ~ JoJo

Ain't It Funny ~ Jennifer Lopez

Irreplaceable ~ Beyoncé Knowles

Don't Bother ~ Shakira

Not Gon' Cry ~ Mary J. Blige

Stronger ~ Jordan Taylor

Survivor ~ Destiny's Child

Over It ~ Katharine McPhee

Since U Been Gone ~ Kelly Clarkson

I Will Survive ~ Gloria Gaynor

Big Mistake ~ Natalie Imbruglia

Give Me One Reason ~ Tracy Chapman

I Never Loved You Anyway ~ The Corrs

These Boots Are Made For Walking ~ Nancy Sinatra

Fast Car ~ Tracy Chapman

Goodbye Earl ~ Dixie Chicks

Fighter ~ Christina Aguilera

One Way Ticket ~ Leann Rimes

Single ~ Natasha Bedingfield

Better In Time ~ Leona Lewis

I Don't Need A Man ~ The Pussycat Dolls

Maneater ~ Nelly Furtado

He wasn't ~ Avril Lavigne

Hurt ~ Christina Aguilera

Down To My Last Teardrop ~ Tanya Tucker
Songs That Guys Like
Once you're out of a relationship, there's no point in sulking over it with hundreds of unanswered questions in your mind. It's tough to move on, but there's no use crying for nothing. So, get ready and go partying with your friends.
Hurt ~ Johnny Cash

Goodbye Hooray ~ Red Hot Chili Peppers

Friends In Low Places ~ Garth Brooks

Goodbye ~ Save Ferris

The Scientist ~ Coldplay

Everybody Hurts ~ R.E.M.

Dammit ~ Blink 182

I Don't Care Anymore ~ Phil Collins

I'm Gonna Miss Her ~ Brad Paisley

It's All Over Now ~ Rolling Stones

One Last Cry ~ Brian McKnight

She Thinks I Still Care ~ George Jones

Used to Love Her ~ Guns n' Roses

I'm Movin' On ~ Rascal Flatts

Don't Want You Back ~ Backstreet Boys

Idiot Wind ~ Bob Dylan

So What ~ Pink

Heard It In A Love Song ~ Marshall Tucker Band

Rockafeller Skank ~ Fatboy Slim

I Can't Touch The Sun For You ~ Shel Silverstein

Ain't That The Way It Always Ends ~ Tim McGraw

You'll Think of Me ~ Keith Urban

Roses ~ OutKast

More than a Memory ~ Garth Brooks

I'm Movin' On ~ Hank Williams

I Hate You Bitch ~ Z-Ro

On To The Next One ~ Jay-Z

All The Way Down ~ The Swell Season

Staple It Together ~ Jack Johnson
You deserve to be happy even though you're not with someone who you thought was the most important person in your life. So, plug in your headphones and soak in the sunshine of a new beginning. You belong to no one else except you. Keep that in mind, and start building a better future for yourself.