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Motivational Songs

Shrinivas Kanade Jan 23, 2019
Inspirational or motivational songs come in handy when you are feeling a bit under the weather. There are so many popular songs which can also be played at the start of a group activity in order to synchronize the minds into an effective and efficient team.
Motivational quotes and songs are for the times when you feel down and as active as a flat tire, unable to go on with whatever you are doing or supposed to be doing. You find it difficult to apply even 10% of you, spiritually, mentally and physically, to the task which may be as hard as lying in a bed comfortably and without fretting.
Mostly, you yourself can lead to this state by taking in and reacting to events that are happening around you in the way you habitually do. Or, it may be something, out of character, you have done that has surprised and driven you to this track. How you feel, down this path, depends on what makes you throb and what you value more.
This insufferable feeling can manifest in different forms and expressions from one individual to the another. Well, to be honest and hammer the nail on the head, "What do you do to escape out of this mousetrap?" You must be doing something about this feeling, well, other than breast beating, aren't you?

Songs to Lift Your Mood

It is a time to lead our cottony ball of mind to another groove or course and spin a new thread of thought that, if followed, can guide us out of this doldrums of an inactivity. But, where do you look for this inspiring thought or how it knows that you are in need and looking for it.
The Rule of Thumb says that, if you cannot create something on your own, when you need it most urgently, then buy or borrow it. This reasoning leads into taking someone's advice or reading a motivational book or listening to songs.
The first option may make you travel and physical efforts; the second option will definitely demand your conscious and prolonged involvement which you may not be feeling up to. The last option, that of listening to popular motivational songs is an entertaining way of getting out of the blue zone, and it doesn't demand too much from you.
You can get involve with a song, which may belong to classical music or rock music or blues music, after playing it, whenever you feel like or be as content as a hibernating bear. The moment of your involvement may be triggered by a word or a phrase and by the beat of the music or by the combination of all these.
Everyone has a song that takes his mind away from the day-to-day problems, stress, which inspires and energizes him to overcome the initial inertia of starting a new thing: a thought or an activity. Well, which song do you favor most to prod you in such a situation?
  • Harder Better Faster Stronger ~ Daft Punk
  • Survivor ~ Destiny's Child
  • I'm Not Alone ~ Calvin Harris
  • Alright ~ Kendrick Lamar
  • Stronger ~ Kanye West
  • Hall of Fame ~ The Script ft Will.I.Am
  • Survival ~ Eminem
  • Fireworks ~ Katy Perry
  • Lose Yourself ~ Eminem
  • Started from the Bottom ~ Drake
  • Unstoppable ~ Santigold
  • Eye of the Tiger ~ Survivor
  • Dream On ~ Aerosmith
  • Remember the Name ~ Fort Minor
  • Future So Bright I Gotta Wear Shades ~ Timbuk3
  • Opportunities (Let's Make Lots of Money) ~ Pet Shop Boys
  • I Dreamed a Dream ~ Susan Boyle
  • It's getting better (Man!!) ~ Oasis
  • Not afraid ~ Eminem
  • A Change is Gonna Come ~ Seal
  • Just Fine ~ Mary J. Blige
  • Sign of a Victory ~ R. Kelly
  • (I've Got to Use My) Imagination ~ Lizz Wright
  • Live Like You Were Dying ~ Tim McGraw
  • Where The Streets Have No Name ~ U2
  • The Climb ~ Miley Cyrus
  • Never Surrender ~ Corey Hart
  • You Brought The Sunshine ~ The Clark Sisters
  • Greatest Love of All ~ Whitney Houston
  • Ain't No Mountain High Enough ~ Marvin Gaye

Inspirational Songs for All

  • Wings ~ Macklemore
  • Roar ~ Katy Perry
  • Sky Full of Stars ~ Coldplay
  • Skyscraper ~ Demi Lovato
  • Hero ~ Mariah Carey
  • Fix You ~ Coldplay
  • Fireflies ~ Owl City
  • Born This Way ~ Lady Gaga
  • Demons ~ Imagine Dragons
  • Save the World ~ Swedish House Mafia
  • Wavin’ flag ~ K’naan
  • In the End ~ Linkin Park
  • Titanium ~ David Guetta ft Sia
  • The Power of the Dream ~ Celine Dion
  • The cup of Life ~ Ricky Martin
  • The Moment of Truth ~ Survivor
  • Grace of God ~ Clay Aiken
  • The World's Greatest ~ R. Kelly
  • Turn the Beat Around ~ Vicki Sue Robinson
  • Search for the hero ~ M People
  • Awake and Alive ~ Skillet
  • The Moment of Truth ~ Survivor
  • This is the Moment ~ Moody Blues
  • Believe ~ Josh Groban
  • Unbreakable ~ Bon Jovi
  • You're Unstoppable ~ Paul Hoffman
  • Hope ~ Shaggy
  • It's A Beautiful Life ~ Ace of Base
  • Just Stand Up ~ All~Star Female Artists
  • Live to Win ~ Paul Stanley
  • Man In The Mirror ~ Michael Jackson

Songs for Students

Everyone has deadlines to meet a house-wife, a businessman, a manager, a pilot, a sportsman and so are students. Like everyone else, they too are pressed for time and are stressed and can do well with the list presented here. Even though this is a list of songs for students, it is for all. The truth is no one stops being a student throughout their life.
  • Rise Up ~ Imagine Dragons
  • Walking on Sunshine ~ Katrina and the Waves
  • Superheroes ~ The script
  • Greatest ~ Sia
  • Broken Arrows ~ Avicii
  • Am I Wrong ~ Nico and Vinz
  • Born to try ~ Delta Goodrem
  • Be strong ~ Delta Goodrem
  • I believe I can Fly ~ R.Kelly
  • Superman ~ Goldfinger
  • A New day has come ~ Celine Dion
  • Never Give up on a dream ~ Rod Stewart
  • Great Expectations ~ Eric carmen
  • Born For Greatness~ Jana Stanfield
  • Fighter ~ Christina Aguilera
  • Life is what you make it~Hannah Montana
  • I Believe ~ Yolanda Adams
  • I Believe I Can Fly ~ R. Kelly
  • I Give It All ~ Rise Against
  • If I Were Brave ~ Jana Stanfield
  • If Today Were Your Last Day ~ Nickelback
  • Beat It ~ Michael Jackson
  • The Power of the Dream ~ Celine Dion
  • This is the Moment ~ Moody Blues
  • The Power of the Dream ~ Celine Dion
  • This is the Moment ~ Moody Blues
  • Stronger ~ Britney Spears
  • You Gotta Want It ~ Roberta Gold
  • Dream Big ~ David Cook/Emily Shackelton
  • Star ~ Bryan Adams
  • Never Give Up On Your Dreams ~ Rod Stewart, Bernie Taupin/Jim Cregan

Songs for Work

This day comes in everyone's life and the moment may jump you while you may be looking at your tv without taking it in or when one gets up to prepare and set out for the work. Feeling as enthusiastic and active as a deflated balloon, you try to regroup your resources and calls on every ounce of mental energy and makes you go through some of the daily cores.
However, you know in your heart that things are not working at all and nothing is right, as it should be or could be. Suddenly, when you've overtaken a corner of your mind, it dawns on you that your behavior is that of an aimless driftwood, bobbing in the purposeful current of promises, needs and wants, rights and responsibilities and achievements and goals.
May be you are waiting for an extraterrestrial message. If it is so, then at least take the trouble of cleaning your antenna to receive it. If it is not so, which definitely means that you are an earthling, who is bitten by a bug or two, just go through the following list of motivational songs and help yourself and get out of the self-made pressure cooker.
  • Till I Collapse ~ Eminem
  • Someday ~ Flipsyde
  • Hall of Fame ~ The Script
  • Radioactive ~ Imagine Dragons
  • 9 to 5 ~ Dolly Parton
  • Work To Do ~ Vanessa Williams
  • Let's Work Together ~ Canned Heat
  • Sometimes You Have to Work on Christmas ~ Harvey Danger
  • Goin' to Work ~ Martina Mcbride
  • Together we are one ~ Delta Goodrem
  • Danger Zone ~ Top Gun/Kenny Logins
  • All I Got ~ MC Hush
  • I Will Survive ~ Gloria Gaynor
  • When the going gets tough ~ Boyzone/Billy Ocean
  • Frontline ~ Pillar
  • Heart of a Champion ~ Nelly
We hope this list includes at least one of your favorite songs that goes with the music and the musical instruments you like best.