Learn Piano Notes

Learn Piano Notes

Listening to the soothing music of the piano is quite mesmerizing. Leaning to play the piano is an art. There are many means by which one can learn piano notes, both to read and play...
Whenever I hear piano music or see someone playing the piano so effortlessly, only one thought crosses my mind, 'I want to learn to read piano notes'. The music that the flows forth from the piano is so beautiful that I often find myself lost in this beautiful world of music. I am sure most of you will agree with me. Many of us are bewildered by the dots and structures on the sheet music that makes learning piano notes look like a Herculean task. But if you put in a bit of interest and dedication you can learn the notes easily and soon you will be also playing this musical instrument like a professional. You can also learn piano notes online, with the help of the many websites which teach an individual to read piano notes and to play the virtual piano. You can even download piano notes for songs from the Internet and also learn how to play them.

How to Learn Piano Notes

There are two kinds of piano keys - black and white. The white piano keys are called 'naturals', since they give out natural sounds when pressed. The scale of the naturals, which are seven in number, is C-D-E-F-G-A-B. The scale is repeated after the B note and again continues from C. the black piano keys are known as the 'accidentals'. On the keyboard, you will find five accidentals, arranged in sets of two and three between the white keys, denoting an octave. The keys can be either flat (b) or sharp (#) and can modify a tone accordingly. Before learning to read piano notes then you must first learn to read music.

The notes are depicted with hollowed dot and rectangles (or rest). The notes which are written from the bottom of the staff line (E, G, B, D and F) to the top are on the lines. F, A, C and E are written between the staff line. The middle C is the note on the ledger line below the first staff line where the D note is.

Piano notes are also referred to as 'sheet music' and are written on the staffs and stave. The staffs are two horizontal sets of lines and indicate the scale and notes of a musical piece. The staves are vertical lines which are divided according to the rhythm of a song. Once you identify each note then playing them will become easy. The staff is divided into the treble clef and the base clef. Immediately after the clef, is the timing for example a 4/4 count (4 counts per beat) or a 3/4 count (3 counts per beat). If the staff ends with two bars and a dot, then that piece of music needs to be repeated.

The next step to read music notes is to identify the quavers, which are musical notes written on the sheet music. They are classified as semi breve (whole note), minim (half note), crotchet (quarter note), quaver (eight note) and semi quaver (16th note). The quaver is also referred to as an eighth note and the timed for half a beat. The duration of each note is measured in beats.

Semi breve4 crochets (4 beats)
Minim2 crochets (2 beats)
Crochet1 crochet (1 beat)
Quaver1/2 crochet (Half beat)
Semi quaver1/4 crochet (Quarter beat)

This was an easy way to become familiar with piano notes and to play them, as well. If you want to transform piano notes into music, then you must only remember one word, 'PRACTICE'. In order to master the art of playing the piano, you must practice religiously. All the best!