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Learn How to Sing Better

Here are some tips if you're an aspiring singer.
Parashar Joshi Nov 18, 2018
Many people (including you) are of the opinion that the art of singing is something that a person is born with...that it's a God-given gift, a natural talent. Therefore, the general belief or opinion is that a singer is always born, and that a person cannot be 'made' into a singer.
Well, to be honest, our personal take on this belief is a bit towards both sides. We do agree that singers (especially all the great ones) are always born; but we are also of the opinion that with consistent practice, hard work, and sincerity, even a tone-deaf person can be nurtured into becoming an above-average or better-than-amateur level singer.
We won't be presenting any formal singing lessons, vocal exercises or technicalities as such. Instead, we will just list out a few handy tips on how to sing better. If you are a beginner, you may want to browse through some of these singing tips.

Voice Type

First and foremost, you should know what your voice type is. For male singers, you need to find out whether your voice classifies as a tenor, bass, baritone, or a countertenor. Female voices are typically classified as either soprano, mezzo-soprano, or contralto.
What type your voice belongs to, will depend on a number of factors such as your vocal range, voice texture, the timbre, the weight of your voice, the voice color, etc. These are terminologies which only a proper vocal coach or trainer would be able to explain.
Therefore, it is recommended that you first visit a trainer and understand these basics before you proceed with your practice sessions.

Vocal Tone

Understand what your vocal tone is, i.e. the tonal quality that is produced when you sing. Tone is a very important element of music. Vocal tone differs with every singer. Knowing your tone will help you identify the types of songs that complement or suit your voice. This will benefit you, should you decide to audition for a competition or a talent hunt.
For example, if you have a thin and sharp tone then you should pick songs which are sung by singers having similar tone. Identifying, understanding and making intelligent use of your tone will make you a better and clever singer.

Open Voice

This is very important and something that you should pay attention to. Always sing in an open voice. No whispering, croaking, or singing in a closed voice. It is not the right way to sing and will only damage your vocal cords.
There are three parameters of an open voice:
  1. Velum
  2. Diaphragm
  3. Broad jawline
How and what role they play in an open voice, is something that is best understood from a good vocal trainer.

Motor Skills and Body Language

Improving your motor skills and body language will help you greatly in singing with an open voice and better expression. And once again, to quote a vocal trainer, "Motor skills come from generating freedom within". What this means is that, as a singer (or a performing artiste), you should just let yourself go.
Free yourself of all mental, emotional, and psychological inhibitions. A performing artiste should be completely carefree and freewheeling. It makes a significant difference in the presentation of his or her art.


Last but not the least, practice. A singer may be born with a God-gifted voice and natural talent; but nurturing, developing, and polishing that raw talent with practice is will make him a successful singer.
Devote a few hours every day to practice your vocal exercises and singing lessons. Thanks to the Internet, there are plenty of applications and software which you can make use of, to practice your singing and also test your vocal prowess.
These were a few tips to help you learn singing like a pro. Singing is best when done with your heart and soul put into the song you are singing. There are no shortcuts to it - practice is the only sure-shot way to become a full-fledged singer with a dreamy voice. Enjoy the music. Here's wishing you all the best.