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How to Write a Rap Song

Arjun Kulkarni Jan 25, 2019
It takes a lot of skill to make rap freestyle, rap about political issues or compose strongly poetic songs. There are certain basic guidelines that you can know to write some great lyrics.
Initially, a domain which exclusively belonged to African-Americans, rap is gaining worldwide popularity as people from all races and cultures get down and start rapping.
Rap, ideally when written, should exude a fascinating blend of poetry, doubled up with impressive wordplay. The legendary rapper Tupac considered himself more of a poet than a rapper.

♫ The Basics ♫

Rapping has 2 main aspects: the words and the beat. Hence, one should understand the beat and the rhythm,and be able to work their way through it. If you are not able to create a beat on your own initially, there are many beat machines that will create the beat for you along with a steady bass line.
Eventually, you should be able to make the beat yourself! To get the words right, get a grip on the phonetics! Learn what words rhyme with each other. And over time, you will also learn how to turn non-rhyming words into rhymes - 'wordplay'. It's all about twisting the pronunciations of the word to fit the song.

♫ The Scheme ♫

How should a song 'go'? Well most songs are structured as: verse 1, chorus, verse 2, chorus, breakdown, chorus, and an outro. Other popular schemes of writing a song have 2 verses before each chorus, whilst others keep the second of the two verses the same each time.
The chorus and the beginning should be very catchy, because these two really make the song click. If the opening refrain sounds boring, no one will want to listen to the part that comes later. And the chorus stays with the listeners for a long time, so remember, that's got to be good too!

♫ The Lyrics ♫

When wondering about songwriting, most people come across a stumbling block - the lyrics. So since you're a beginner to rap music, why not start with something basic? Take a few rhyming words together and make a song. Rap lyrics are often assertive, and talk about how awesome the singer is, and how no one can mess with him or her.
Break away from these standard scripted methods and think out of the box. These ideas may prod you to the right direction. Learn all the phonetic words. Slowly, you'll learn how to fit the words into a song, rather than a song to the words, by twisting the pronunciations of the words.
Opt for the offbeat method of rhyming, which includes a combination of regular and irregular rhymes at different intervals of your song. If you are confused about penning down the lyrics, you can start off by writing a live account about yourself and your surroundings, else, concocting a poem that has a take on the things that interest you.

♫ What Inspires You? ♫

Songwriting is an art and you should take it seriously. Sit yourself down and think about what you want to write. Few people in this world can cook up a song with a good scheme and a good beat, easily. For beginners, you ought to really sit down for some time and think about what you're feeling, your theme, and your words.
A song has to be written in one good inspired sitting, because if you decide to put it for another day, you might be in a different frame of mind at that time, and there may be some inconsistency in your thoughts, which will then reflect in the lyrics.
Songwriting is an art, which improves with practice. Break away from following the same instances and styles of other rappers by creating your own individuality.
Most importantly, carry a pen and a paper with you throughout the day. Why? Because lyrics can strike you any time once you start dwelling on them, and you wouldn't want to miss out on these small but significant eureka moments. Good luck with the writing and cashing them Benjamins some day.