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How to Win a Karaoke Contest

How to Win a Karaoke Contest

Listening to popular songs and practicing them on tracks is the key to win a karaoke competition...
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Karaoke is a fun way to showcase your singing talents and entertaining skills. If you are thinking of winning a karaoke, you need to be well prepared in all areas, right from singing to stage presence. Normally, such competitions are organized to find out local talent or simply to entertain the audience. Winning these contests can bring you into the limelight and start your musical career. Since there would be many talented singers trying out their skills in the contest, you need to be well prepared to stand out from the rest and win.

How to Win a Karaoke Competition

Practice Singing
It is quite obvious that without singing practice you will come out as a loser in the competition. Good singing requires a great amount of daily practice and vocal drills. Make sure you know how to get to a note right and change scales on the go. Sing along with songs from different genres of music; such as classical, rock, soft, country, and so on. This will increase your chances of experimenting with different songs when required in the competition.

Study the Rules
To increase your chances of winning the competition, it is necessary to get to know the rules of the contest. This will kind of give you a basis for song selection, clothes to wear, time for the act, etc. Know whether you are supposed to get the tracks or the DJ will play from his records. Also check, if you have the freedom to choose the timing of your performance. Opting for one from the last position to perform will help you study the audience and other performances, which would be beneficial to you greatly.

Song Selection
If you are in touch with regular singing, you can choose any type of song. But simply ensure to choose one which goes according to your vocal range and talents. Choose a song that is popular, but not normally sung in a contest. If you select one that is unknown to the audience, you will not get a good response. To get a good response from the audience, it is better if you choose an upbeat song which will bring the people to their feet.

Show Off your Talents
Karaoke is all about showcasing your talents to the judges and public. Focus mainly on your talents which may include a high pitch, a bass voice, or a smooth and clear voice. You can even include falsettos or rap schemes for that matter. Remember that singing a rap song is a real challenge and is not easy. Be it any song type or singing technique, make sure your do not mess up, just for the sake of emphasizing on what you are good at.

Experiment with Dancing
Just singing is not important, you also need to pay attention to the stage presence. You have to focus on the audience and judges instead of the karaoke screen or on the floor. Pose yourself as a performer and not only as a singer. Run around the stage and perform some dance steps according to the song. Make sure you do not exhaust yourself so much that you run out of breath, unable to sing when you are supposed to. Dancing and stage presence will certainly impress the judges and audience.

You also need to decide what type of clothes you will wear during the performance. Choose a costume according to the type of song you want to sing. If it is a rock track, wear 80s apparel; like a ripped jeans, colorful shirt, round goggles, and a glam metal look. If a country song; put on cowboy boots, hat, and scarf. If you are going to dance, make sure your dress won't be a barrier. Proper themed dressing can be a major advantage to you, especially if others have missed out on it.

Add Humor and Energy
To capture the interest of the audience, you need to get them involved in the singing. You can even add humor to the song by altering the lyrics a bit. If the song lyrics have a name of a city or year, you can include the city you are performing in or the current year in the wordings. This will surely get the audience interested in your song as well as you. However, do not stray too much from the original version of the song, or you are sure to offend the loyal ones.

Be Cool and Not Nervous
You need to keep your calm on stage. If you have stage fear or are nervous, do not show so. Instead, just concentrate on the song, rhythm, and the audience; and you will fare well in the performance. If you are nervous, you would tend to make many mistakes and lose the hold on singing. Practice thoroughly to gain confidence regarding the singing and lyrics. Do not let the judges and audience know that you are nervous about the performance.

Following the above mentioned steps will increase the chances of winning a karaoke contest. This is just about being yourself, connecting with the audience, and having a ball of a time. To increase your confidence, practice as much as possible and with songs from different music genres. Master the lyrics and music of songs which you are considering for the contest.
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