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How to Rap Better

Arjun Kulkarni Nov 3, 2018
Want to step up your rappin'? Let's see how to improve your rapping skills!
Today rap is one of the most popular forms of music. Once limited to areas of the Bronx, and to the African Americans alone, this genre has grown more and more popular, and is now loved by so many people all over the world. Rap is no longer restricted to being just a cult genre of music. It is now a worldwide phenomenon.

Tips on Becoming a Better Rap Artist


If you want to be the best, you got to feel like you're the best. One of the most crucial parts in a rapper's act is the confidence. If you're going to the rap battles, confidence is the most important criteria on which you'll be judged. So rap as if you haven't a worry in the world.

Hear Yourself Rap

Take a simple voice recorder and record what you rap. Listen intently to how you rap and get some feedback from your friends. Rappers need to sound assertive. The assertiveness and the required amount of confidence will come by practicing it over and over again.

Widen Your Scope of Lyrics

To be a good rapper, you need to have a wider scope of lyrics. Broaden your understanding. Talk about more subjects. You can win over the judges with your creativity and your broader understanding of things. It'll also help you last longer in rap battles and is a great way of learning how to freestyle rap better.

Get a Beatboxer

A beatboxer (with a good sense of rhythm) will help you keep the beat and help you not go off it. It can be a good mutual arrangement for both of you. A lot of professional rappers accompanied by professional beatboxers, so it could be the start of a big career for both of you! In case you can't, then get a beat machine which will help you do the same.

Learn from the Best

To give your practice and self-learning a bigger fillip, you need to listen to the professional rappers. After all, they're as good as rappers get. Learn their style, what they do, and how they rap.

Make Your Own Style

It is important to learn from the best, but there is a fine line between copying them and being inspired from them. Why will people buy your album if you sound exactly like 50 Cent? They'd rather listen to 50 Cent, right? Hence, it is important that you create your own style in order to differentiate yourself from the crowd!
As rap battles get more and more popular, they give young, budding rappers a chance to showcase their talents to the judges. Who knows, with the help of these tips, you might become the next big thing in the rap world!