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Buying Guide: How to Pick the Right Case for Your Guitar

How to Pick the Right Case for Your Guitar
A case is an essential accessory to go along with your favorite guitar. This Melodyful post will help you shortlist the perfect case for your instrument.
Cheryl Mascarenhas
Last Updated: Mar 27, 2019
Tip while Flying with a Guitar
Loosen up the strings before you pack your guitar. This will avoid unnecessary strain on the guitar neck, owing to constant temperature and pressure changes while flying.
Outdoor events, world tours, or even small-scale shows that require a guitarist to travel from one end of town to the other require the instrument to be in optimum shape. Diligently placing your guitar in a case after every practice routine or a show is your safest bet to keep its shiny surface at its optimum best.
This rule goes for both acoustic and electric guitars. This just implies that it is up to you to protect your instrument from the elements of nature around you.
A guitar case offers great protection to your guitar and acts as a great storage unit that can be easily transported from one place to another. Using a case protects your stringed instrument from accidental breakage and scratches. In short, as a utility item, it is a guitarist's best buy that increases the lifespan of his/her favorite instrument.
Type of Guitar Case
Before you get down to haphazardly picking a case for your instrument, acquaint yourself with the available types.
Hard Cases
Hardshell guitar case
As the name suggests, these cases come with a hard outer cover or shell that is ideally made from wood or fiberglass. The interior of the case is padded to restrict any possible movement of the guitar.
The padding helps the guitar fit snugly in the cover, and it also prevents scratches and dents. Though a bulky option, it provides optimum protection from accidental falls and casual shocks.
Soft Cases
Soft guitar case
Soft cases or gig bags are just the opposite of a hardshell case. These lightweight bags are made from nylon and may contain an inner padding for protection.
These cases are sure to protect your guitar from minor scratches and dust stains, but prove relatively ineffective when it comes to protecting your instrument from damages. However, these cases are cheaper, and therefore, comparatively popular among most amateur guitarists.
Flight Cases
Flight guitar case
Flight cases, on the other hand, are heavy-duty cases that are recommended for regular travelers. These cases have a hard outer covering with special internal padding that keeps the guitar safe from potential hazards. These cases come equipped with reinforced metal corners to give you a sturdy box.
Hybrid Cases
A hybrid case is simply a combination of a soft and hard case. It is made of lightweight material that has a soft outer cover with a rigid inner side to hold the guitar in place. It is ideal for musicians who travel a lot.
Your Guitar Measurement
Measurement Tape
Ensure that you measure up your guitar before making a purchase online. While visiting a store, see to it that you take your guitar along to get a perfect fitting case for your instrument. Always remember, an ill-fitting case is sure to cause more damage to the instrument than external damage.
Your guitar should fit snugly inside the case without allowing the fretboard to move, to avoid meddling with the tuning. Otherwise, you could end up damaging it in the process.
Weight of the Case
Musician walking with guitar
Take into consideration the amount of weight you are going to be carrying around. It is not just about the guitar but also about the accessories needed for performing which matter, especially while doing a gig.
Choose a case that will be easy for you to lug around during shows and practices. Also, ensure that you consider how you are going to be transporting your instrument to and fro; this will help decide on a case that best suits your needs.
Additional Features
When investing in a case for your guitar, ensure it has workable and quality features. Thoroughly check the zippers, locks, and handles to ensure that they are sturdy and will not give way in a short time.
Take a Look at the Varieties on Offer
It is always better to check the different varieties available just so that it helps you shortlist your type. Keep your options open just in case you do not find the type you are searching for, as this will save you from disappointment. Also, ensure you know what material it is made up of, as this will save you the trouble of unnecessary tension later on.
Universal Flat Case
Universal Flat Case
Box Guitar Case
Box Guitar Case
Hardshell Guitar Case
Hardshell Guitar Case
White Guitar Case
White Guitar Case
Rounded Hardshell Case
Rounded Hardshell Case
Ukulele Case
Ukulele Case
Last but not the least, check the prices on a couple of sites or stores before you finalize a case for your guitar.
A gig bag or a case, for that matter, is one of the most essential guitar accessories that every guitarist ought to have. It doesn't matter if you are a professional or an amateur guitar player; the fact remains that everybody ought to have a sturdy case for their beloved six strings.