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How to Learn to Play the Guitar

Stephen Rampur Jun 30, 2019
If you want to know how to learn to play the guitar by ear, you need to listen to a lot of songs and the guitar playing in it...
I just managed to convince my grandmother that it was a worth while that was something to do, you know, and when I did finally get the guitar, it didn't seem that difficult to me, to be able to make a good noise out of it. - Eric Clapton
Playing the guitar like professional guitarists is a dream for many music enthusiasts. Learning to play the guitar is all about your attitude and determination to do so. It also depends a lot on your talent which you need to gradually develop in the guitar playing field.
This is why some learn the guitar in just few months, whereas others take a whole year to get it right. If you are thinking how to play guitar, you most importantly need to develop an ear for music. Creating and developing a interest in the field of music is the key to become a good guitarist. Following is some information on learning to play the guitar.

Tips on Learning to Play the Guitar

Guitar Classes

This is the most popular method used when it comes to learning to play guitar. Choose guitar tutors who are well known to give good guitar lessons for beginners. Because some guitar teachers who may teach too slow in order to get more income from students.

Instructional DVDs

If you take a look inside music shops in your locality, you will find instructional video DVDs by renowned guitar instructors. These tools are available as per the skill level of guitarists; such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced lessons.

Online Lessons and Instructional Videos

Similar to instructional video DVDs, you can also make use of the Internet for getting guitar lessons.
There are many online articles which will help you understand how to learn to play acoustic, electric, and bass guitars. You can also use video databases such as YouTube to search for quality guitar playing tips and techniques.

Guitar Playing Guides

This is a very simple method of learning to play the guitar. You just have to visit a local music instrument shop or a bookstore to purchase guides on guitar playing basics. These will give you good information and theoretical knowledge about the skill.

Listening to Songs from all Music Genres

If you want to become a good musician and guitarist, you necessarily need to listen to songs from as many types of music genres as possible.
Concentrate on what rhythm style the guitarist is playing, what the chords are, what techniques are being used, etc. This is where you understand the skill required and learn it yourself.

Practicing Regularly

Those wondering how to play guitar fast have to practice everyday on a regular basis.
The saying "practice leads to perfection" is very true in learning to play the instrument and advancing further in the skill. For playing in an acceptable manner, you should at least practice for two hours a day.

Jamming with Other Musicians and Guitarists

Practicing with other musicians is the best way to learn guitar and its various techniques.
In this way you can correct your own mistakes, learn some general music tips from other skilled players, and obtain good knowledge about other musical instruments as well.
The time taken for one to learn to play the guitar totally depends on his level of interest and the duration and quality of daily practice. Those wanting to know how to learn to play guitar can consider all the mentioned methods for developing their skill.