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How to Hit High Notes

Stephen Rampur Jun 30, 2019
For those wanting to know how to hit high notes, regular practice is the main key. This write-up focuses on how to sing high notes easily...
Singing is what is liked by a majority of people. Some consider singing as a way to spend a good time, some do it as a hobby, and while others as a way to make a living. People might think that singing on stage in the microphone is very easy. However, you need to note that singing in the microphone and singing in the bathroom is really different.
While you are singing in a professional setting like in a music studio, you need to take some important singing tips in mind. Those who love singing, normally wonder how to hit high notes without straining the voice or screeching. In the following, you will get some tips on how to hit higher notes.

How to Hit High Notes Easily

Singing Warm Up

Warm up is extremely crucial when it is a matter of singing high notes clearly. Remember that doing warm up exercises before an attempt to reach high notes, will prepare your voice to reach that level without screeching.
For the purpose of a singing warm up, you can choose a simple poem or a short song that you like; such as 'Row Row Row Your Boat', 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', or the R&B hit 'Ain't No Love in the Heart of the City'.

Breathing Techniques

Along with warm up exercises, another important thing to reach higher notes is the way you breathe while singing. Singing higher notes needs a lot of breath from the diaphragm, which can be attained with good breathing exercises for singing.
The strength of the voice should come from the stomach first, then to the chest, and then out from your mouth. Also make sure how much the length of the high notes to be held is, and then breathe accordingly.

Go Up and Down the Scales

Another effective singing lesson of voicing higher notes clearly is to practice going up and down the scales. Start from the lower notes, then to the middle ones, and then gradually shift to higher notes. Directly jumping onto higher notes will only strain your voice.
Once you reach your desired level of high notes, shift back to middle and low notes. Performing this task many times would make a good practice. Ensure that you consume sufficient water to hydrate the vocal cords.

Good Body Posture

In order to sing higher notes in a particular scale, it is very essential that you position your body in the correct posture. Simply remember that producing low notes requires your neck to be low.
Whereas, for reaching high notes, you need to raise your head up, so that the channel is clear for throwing out sound clearly. It is better to stand if you want to reach higher notes in a song.

Practice with Songs or Karaoke

As mentioned earlier, practice is the main key if you want to sing high notes effortlessly. Without practice, you will in no way be able to sing higher notes as expected. You can take certain vocal pieces from songs, and sing it in higher pitches.
You can even take a song wherein vocals are at a high pitch, and sing along. For learning how to sing high notes easily, you can buy a karaoke machine and use it for singing in high scales and pitches.
These are some basic tips on how to hit high notes easily. The two most significant things to reach high notes are warming your vocals up and practicing up and down scales. When it comes to singing high notes, the volume of your voice also matters a lot. Keep the sound in control when you sing high pitches, since you tend to go loud in high-ranged vocals.