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How to Freestyle Rap

How to Freestyle Rap
For learning to freestyle rap, you necessarily need to have loads of vocabulary. This article is a guide on freestyle rap for beginners.
Stephen Rampur
There are many styles and genres of music, and freestyle rap is one of the most notable. In order to know to freestyle rap well, you should have a good understanding of words; the ability to put them into songs, tunes, and rhythm; and a good knowledge of beats.
What is Freestyle Rap
Freestyle rap is an aspect of rap music wherein the rapper makes a verbal rhyming poetry and presents it in a song. The main thing to ponder on is that the words are not pre-written. The rapper just makes sentences with rhyming words on the spot. The rapper has to think about the next words and lines when he is singing a particular line. This is the primary reason why it is believed to be the toughest style of composing songs, as it may take years for you to master this art.
How to Freestyle Rap
Increase Your Vocabulary
You will in no way be able to become a freestyle rapper if you do not have a good vocabulary. Vocabulary is undoubtedly the most significant tool of these rappers. As words and sentences are to be sung on the spot, you need to know a number of words that can be used in your songs. You should also learn and memorize rhyming words, which will really help you in mastering this music style. The more words you are well aware of, better are the chances of you becoming a good freestyle rapper.
Get the Basics of Freestyle Rapping Right
Once you have a good stock of vocabulary, you need to know how freestyle rap is actually supposed to be done. One of the most important factors is the delivery of words. Pronounce every word clearly, so that listeners will be able to better understand. Do not be in a hurry of completing one sentence and moving on to the next one. The rhyming words and sentences in the song should be kinda free-flowing. Note down words that you have learned, play with them, and make sentences. Though freestyle rap is all about rapping without pre-written lyrics, it is always better to practice on lyrics that you have in front of you.
Beats are Also Important
With rhyming words, you also need to pay attention to beats and rhythm. Now that you have the sentences and words, try to put them in a song and sing along with beats. You can use a drum machine for rhythm and tempo accompaniment. For getting a better understanding of beats, the best idea is to listen to rap musicians who are very well known to do freestyle rap. Doing so will help you know how words have to be sung and in what kind of rhythm.
Practice Freestyle Rapping
It is well said that practice leads to perfection, so is true when it comes to freestyle rapping. If you want to rap well, practice is inevitable. Practice as much as you can, and try to freestyle rap on anything that you see; such as a person, a thing, an animal, etc. This is how you will be well versed in freestyle rapping.
Participate in Freestyle Rapping Battles
To realize how much you have learned, the best way is to participate in freestyle rapping battles. A freestyle rap battle is a competition which consists of two rappers rapping against each other to insult the opponent with rhyming words and music. The winner is one with the best delivery, lyrics, and crowd response. Freestyle rapping battles are good ways to improvise and enhance rapping skills.
These are some tips that can be used in learning how to freestyle rap. This skill is truly difficult to master, and even the best rappers in the music industry may find it difficult to freestyle rap.